What is a Platinum French Bulldog?

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Platinum French Bulldog
Platinum French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are well-loved everywhere because of their friendly and playful nature, cute faces, and small size. But did you know that Frenchies come in unique and exotic colors other than the standard colors of white, cream, and fawn?

French Bulldogs are a common puppy breed within the United States. They started around the 1800s in France due to blending exceptionally small British Bulldogs. Since the French preferred these miniature mutts to the larger ones, they were frequently imported into France. As a result of their distinctive characteristics, the initial Bulldogs became their claim breed. Over time, they evolved into the French Bulldog.

What is a Platinum French Bulldog?

A Platinum Frenchie is an exotic-colored bulldog covered in cream with dilution signs around its eyes, lips, and paw pads. The Platinum Frenchie is quite similar to albino, but they have luster on their coat, and unlike the all-white albino, they could possess different colors except on their diluted face.

Due to the latent qualities in Platinum French Bulldogs, they are ordinarily less aggressive when compared to a typical French Bulldog. If their health issues are appropriately managed, and they are crossbred with the right types of French Bulldogs, then they will be fine! They’re a delight for children and adults alike in the family home.

What makes a Platinum French Bulldog?

French Bulldog is considered Platinum if he possesses in his genetic makeup three (3) recessive genes, of which two are always present.

Only 10% or less of their body has color in it. Outwardly, they look almost similar to the Cream French Bulldog, but their eye color is lighter, and their paws, lips, and nose has a pinkish hue.

What Is The Difference Between A Platinum French Bulldog And The Cream Colored Bulldog?

A Cream French bulldog and a Pure Platinum French bulldog both have an off-white color. However, the difference isn’t just in the color of these two breeds but in their genes. A Cream French bulldog has a black nose, black-rimmed eyes, black lips, and black paw pads. This type of French Bulldog has no recessive genes, unlike the Platinum French bulldog, with signs of dilutions on its nose, eyes, paw pads, and lips.

Does AKC recognize Platinum Frenchie?

No, Platinum Frenchies are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) because their color is considered exotic, and the health issues resulting from their recessive genes do not conform to the standards.

The Unapproved Platinum French Bulldog

The color of a French bulldog could determine a lot about its breed and physical capabilities. The Platinum French Bulldog is amongst the exotic color breed of French Bulldogs that are exempted from the ring because of their color and their recessive genes that lead to complicated health issues. It might seem unfair that this cream-colored French Bulldog is unapproved by the American Kernel Club to fight in the ring.

The standard french bulldog colors, Cream, Brindle, Black, and Fawn, are allowed in the ring because they lack recessive gene traits. However, this does not imply that the Platinum French Bulldog is not registered; their complicated health issues keep them exempted from extreme sports.

Platinum French Bulldog DNA

What makes a Platinum French Bulldog?

Four main genes distinguish the Platinum French Bulldogs from other breeds of Frenchies. These genes are referred to as “recessive genes.” Additionally, these genes are responsible for the Bulldog’s unique color.

The first main recessive gene to note is the “cream coloring” that can be found in the “E” locus, and it is often referred to in biological terms as; “ee.” An absence of this gene disqualifies the Bulldog from being called a “Platinum French Bulldog.” In most cases, a pure white/cream-colored Platinum French Bulldog has a double cream coloring gene. This specific gene is the major reason the French Bulldog is called “Platinum.”

The second recessive gene found in this Bulldog breed is the “blue gene,” biologically referred to as “dd,” and can be found in the D Locus. This blue gene and the recessive cream gene make up a unique type of Platinum French Bulldog known as the “Champagne French Bulldog.” However, note that if a French bulldog possesses just the blue gene in its body, then it can’t be recognized as Platinum French Bulldog but a “Blue Coated French Bulldog.

The last two genes are quite similar but with different material components.

  • The first of the two is the Coco gene “Cc,” and, as the alphabet implies, can be found in the “C” Locus. Combining the coco gene with the cream gene makes up a Platinum French Bulldog.
  • The last major recessive gene to note is the Brown chocolate gene found in the B locus.

These four genes work hand in hand to create different breeds of the Platinum French Bulldog. 

An absence of the Cream coloring gene in the french Bulldog would not make a Platinum Bulldog. The cream-colored gene causes the light pigmentation found on this breed of Bulldog’s face and paw pads. Regular French Bulldogs could possess the other three recessive genes if they lack the “ee.”

Platinum French Bulldogs’ physical appearance 

Like all French Bulldogs, Platinum French Bulldog is a small to medium-sized dog with a compact, heavy-boned, and muscular body.

They have a brachycephalic head with a pushed-in nose. The ears are bat-shaped with a broad base, and the rounded top and eye color could be light-colored or Platinum French Bulldog Blue Eyes

French Bulldog coat is short and smooth that is single-coated. Some brindled French Bulldogs are double-coated, and some also exhibit longer hairs around the head if they carry a recessive gene.

Types of Platinum French Bulldogs

The standard Platinum French Bulldog costs about $5,000. However, since there are several Platinum French Bulldogs with a mixed breed, the price of a Platinum French Bulldog varies.

Isabella Platinum French Bulldog: 

This breed of Platinum French Bulldog has one of the rarest dog colors in history. It comes in two colors; some Isabella Platinum French Bulldogs are grayish-brown with a pale pink nose, while some are usually bluish-gray, slightly lilac. The presence of the Brown Chocolate gene “bb,” the blue gene “dd,” and, of course, the cream gene “ee” makes up the Isabella Platinum breed. The price of this breed of Platinum French Bulldog is nothing less than $12,000.

Newshade Platinum French Bulldog: 

This breed of Platinum French Bulldog is the combination of all four main recessive gene combos. It consists of the (bb/co/dd/ ee). This is the perfect combination of the Platinum French bulldog, costing nothing less than $15,000.

Platinum Merle French Bulldog: 

The Merle French Bulldog is a breed on its own. The Platinum Merle French Bulldog is simply the combination of the Merle French Bulldog breed with the genetic traits of a Platinum French Bulldog. Physically, this breed of French Bulldog has a speckled fur coat pattern with light blue eyes and, of course, its pale pink facial features. The price of this French Bulldog is $10,000.

Fluffy Platinum French Bulldog: 

This Fluffy Platinum Frenchie has a slightly longer and fluffier coat than the rest because of its “Fluffy Bulldog genes.” The combination of these genes is called the “autosomal recessive gene.” Generally, this breed of Platinum French Bulldog costs about $15,000.

Fluffy Merle Platinum French Bulldog: 

This platinum French bulldog breed is beautiful because it combines a little melanin, pale pink face features, striking blue eyes, and a piebald fluffy fur coat. A platinum Frenchie with this combination is the most expensive, as it costs nothing less than $50,000.

Platinum French Bulldog temperament and personality

Platinum French Bulldogs are calm and even-tempered. They show little aggression, are fairly quiet, and don’t bark much. 

Do Platinum Frenchies make great family pets? 

Yes, Platinum Frenchies make perfect house pets and show great affection. They get along well with children, and their small size makes them a great fit with small kids. Because they do not show much aggression, they also get along well with other pets.

Are Platinum Frenchies affectionate dogs?

Yes, Platinum Frenchies are very affectionate and love being lap dogs that enjoy being by their owner’s side at all times.

Platinum Frenchie training

Being people-pleasers, Platinum French Bulldogs are easy to train. However, they have a stubborn streak, so they use lots of positive reinforcements and patience when training them.

Platinum Frenchie exercise requirement 

This breed only requires an hour of daily exercise that can be split into two sessions. Due to their brachycephalic faces, it is important not to tire them excessively to avoid breathing problems. 

If you have a backyard, it’s a good idea to let your Platinum French Bulldog roam freely in your yard during the day. This helps to avoid boredom and pent-up energy. Walking, playing, jumping, and running around in your backyard are all forms of physical exercise your pup needs.

With that said, make sure you have a fenced-in yard. Some towns or counties may have zoning laws that prohibit physical fences. If this applies to your town, a good alternative would be to install a wireless dog fence to keep your canine friends safe.

Some owners prefer the invisible dog fence because it is flexible and adaptable to all types of terrains, including hilly, flat grassland, and mountainous terrains. Another reason is that the wireless dog fence will not obstruct your backyard’s beautiful and scenic mountain view.

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Your K9 pup can leave and enter the house independently with an electronic doggy door. This way, your four-legged friends can enjoy the outdoors during the day and stay safe indoors at night. You’ll no longer need to open and close the doors behind them (whether you work from home or at the office), saving you tons of time and hassle.

Platinum Frenchie grooming and cleaning

Platinum French Bulldog DNA

A Platinum Frenchie is a moderate to heavy shedder kind of dog. Thus, it’s best if you can brush his coat daily or every other day if you have a busy schedule. This will not only help you deal with shedding issues but also keep his skin and coat moisturized and healthy since brushing helps distribute the oil throughout his body.

You can use a Furminator de-shedding tool or a slicker brush to control the shedding.

Is Platinum French Bulldog hypoallergenic?

No, Platinum French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic. Even if they are short-haired, you’d be surprised by the amount of hair and dander that a Platinum French Bulldog sheds. 

Platinum Frenchie food and diet

An adult Platinum French Bulldog needs an average of 2 to 3 cups of high-quality dog food divided into two servings. You can give small amounts of snacks in between meals, such as butternut squash, apples, or honeydew. Just don’t overdo it to prevent obesity. 

Health Complications Associated With The Platinum French Bulldog

As a result of its recessive genes, this breed of French Bulldogs has complicated health issues. However, if properly managed and bred with the suitable types of French Bulldogs, there would be fewer complications. Nevertheless, their major health issues remain; the constant red and itchy patches around their paws, sneezing, ear infection, difficulties in breathing, vomiting, and regurgitation.

Another health complication related to this species of French Bulldog is a skin disorder called “Skin Fold Dermatitis.” A french bulldog’s skin folds so easily that, as a result, the skin has to be constantly treated. However, the Platinum French Bulldog requires intensive care because of its “fragile gene characteristics.” Platinum French Bulldogs are prone to Skin Fold Dermatitis and, when not careful, could develop severe redness and sores on the skin.

Another health complication associated with the breed is “Corneal Ulcer.”. One of these signs of eye problems is greasy tissues coming out of the Bulldog’s eyes. Platinum French Bulldogs are also known to develop eye issues because they have their eyes pointed out of their faces.

This breed of French Bulldog’s recessive genes also causes weak tissues/bones. As a result, a higher percentage of this breed of French Bulldogs are prone to spine or bone marrow issues. They are constantly diagnosed with severe back pains that prevent them from participating in normal physical activities. As a result, this breed of French Bulldog is prevented from fighting in the ring.

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Does the Platinum French Bulldog Make A Perfect Frenchie Pet?

Yes, the Platinum French bulldog makes a perfect “toy” pet. Many would consider their “disabilities” as an advantage. Their recessive genes make them less aggressive compared to a regular French Bulldog. Most kids and even adults find them adorable to own in the house. As long as their health complications are properly managed, and they are crossbred with the right sorts of French Bulldogs, then they are good to go!

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