The 20 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World: The Definitive List

May 27, 2022


The 20 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World: If you were me, every dog breed is beautiful.

These include the matted Great Pyrenees, whose never indoors, the wagging basset hounds, their ground-scraping ears, and even bulldogs that appear to pull a tractor using their faces. Pugs, as well as bull terriers and Chinese cresteds, are adorable.


However, a few breeds are believed to be more attractive than the majority of other breeds. Obviously, beauty is a subjective thing, and reasonable minds can differ on what makes a certain breed appealing. We’ve tried to come up with a list that contains the breeds that most people think are attractive’.

A few readers will be happy with all the breeds listed below. Some will be furious that we’ve not included one of their favorite breeds. Don’t get mad – simply tell us about the breeds we’ve left out by leaving a comment below. We might even add them to a future update.


Common Characteristics of Beautiful Breeds

Many people see different things appealing about dogs, but there are some commonly observed characteristics that humans are inclined to consider attractive visually. Some of the most well-known are:

Long, Luxurious Coats

It’s a frequent physical trait that triggers “oohs” and “ahhhs” from other pet owners in the pet park. There’s something about a thick, long, and shiny coat that people love.

Interesting Colors and Patterns

Certain coat colors seem to catch sunlight (particularly natural sunlight that is unfiltered) very well and help canines stand out from other dogs. This is true for dogs’ coats with a single color; however, blotched, striped and brindle patterns can be very attractive.


Eye-Catching Eyes

It’s a bit of a conflict among people who love dogs. Certain people find cold and steely blue and blue-colored eyes appealing, but others (and I’d be sure to include myself in this group) prefer warm, welcoming eyes, such as yellow and brown. Also, there are those who believe dogs with two distinct eye colors look stunning, but others find them unsettling.

Graceful Body Lines

Many people find elegant body lines appealing in humans, So why should dogs be different? This is a personal preference, and there isn’t a universally popular body shape. Certain people might like the muscular physique of Dogo Argentinas as beautiful, whereas others prefer the sleek shape of whippets and greyhounds.

20 of the Most Beautiful Dog Breeds in the World

We’ve included 20 of the gorgeous dog breeds in this World in the following list. They’re not in any particular order, and we’re sure to receive enough criticism about this list on its own! If we had put them in order, #15 would certainly rank much higher on the list


1. Samoyed


Long, thick, and fluffy, these beautiful white coats have made it easier for the breed’s early ancestors to stay cozy in their Siberian homes. There are few dogs with a more beautiful coat than the Samoyed. This means that the breed isn’t well suited for areas with scorching summers. In addition, they require regular grooming.

If you live in warm temperatures and can make regular visits to the groomer, you’ll discover Samoyeds to be excellent and affectionate pets. They require a lot of activity since they were created to work; however, they are extremely loved by their families and generally are a good companion to everyone they meet.

          2. Australian Shepherd

The extravagant and beautiful coats of Australian shepherds allow them to have an instant entry into the stunning dog-friendly club, and they usually have beautiful eyes too. Their coats shed quite a bit and require a good amount of care; however, they don’t have to do the same amount of care as other breeds with long hair.

Make sure you’re prepared for a spirited dog if you choose an Aussie shepherd. These little dogs are able to run for days, and they’re not happy with parents who are a couch potato. If left to their own devices, the dogs could be quite destructive.

       3. Pomeranian

Look at the Pomeranian and make sure you don’t smile. I’ll bet you’re not going to succeed. Pomeranians are definitely beautiful dogs with extremely dense and gorgeous coats (which require very little maintenance compared with other breeds with long coats). Still, they also have lots of personalities, making them more charming.

In actual fact, Pomeranians are rather intelligent breeds that are easy to train than many other tiny breeds. They’re not the most friendly dog with strangers, and you’ll need to closely watch them around children; however, they’re quite affectionate with their family members.

       4. Chow Chow

A chow with a fully clean, well-maintained coat is a spectacle to behold. Although chows aren’t the kind of faces you would consider classically attractive, their perma-squints are adorable. They’ve got a look like lions because of the fur that covers their shoulders and heads, which looks like the hair of a mane.

Chows can be a little distant and, unfortunately, aren’t all that “cuddly.” They keep away from their owners more than other breeds and aren’t afraid to leave the house to wander around the globe. While these characteristics aren’t ideal for all pet owners, they are excellent pets for people who are often away from home.

      5. Poodle

Personally, I view Poodles as being “cute” more than “beautiful,” but that’s another instance that shows the subjective character of beauty. Poodles sport some of the most gorgeous coats of any dog in the World and are able to be groomed in one of a variety of ways. Poodles require a little grooming, but the end result is usually worth the time and effort.

Despite their cartoonish appearance, Poodles are actually intelligent dogs. They can be employed for agility tests, nose work (they’re frequently used to search out truffles that lie on the forest floors), and anything that involves water since they are prone to swim. They are also excellent therapy dogs. Likewise, standard Poodles are sometimes employed to guard the property.

        6. Saluki

If you have the chance to meet a Saluki in a still position, you’ll definitely find it attractive. However, don’t be fooled. Actually, they have a lot of appealing physical traits – their elongated snouts, their slim body, and sleek tail – to make them suitable for high-speed lifestyles. They’re very active as well as speedy, and they’re most happy in a huge field at speeds of 2.

Due to their nature and temperament, you should take your time before introducing one of these pups into your household. They’re adorable dogs who enjoy laying their fluffy ears onto you from time to time. However, they’re not easy to train and require a lot of space to run around.

        7. Maltese

The Maltese is an elegant breed with an elegant white coat that pulses with every step. Their gorgeous coats are a sight to behold wherever they go. And their sweet personalities make them quickly make friends with anyone they meet. That face? Don’t think about it. Get ready to take out your treats since it’s impossible to refuse these cute little cuties.

Although they look somewhat fancy, Malteses are actually pretty tough little dogs whose strength is awe-inspiring despite their small size. They’re clever as well as easy to train, and they’re also adventurous, as one would expect from a dog with a floor-touching coat. Malteses need regular grooming to appear the best they can.

        8. Afghan Hound

It’s difficult to mistake the Afghan dog for anything else. It’s hard to find other breeds with the same characteristics of a delicate, elegant, and light body with the same length and smooth coat. A very old breed of dogs with long, slender faces is distinctive, making them both beautiful and odd.

Like Saluki and Greyhound, the Afghan dog was initially utilized as a breed for sight-hunting and was able to hunt prey quickly with ease. Therefore, you’ll need to provide your Afghan with ample space to run. They’re also somewhat difficult to train, and they shed lots. However, if you’re able to manage these difficulties and you’re able to handle them, you’ll likely be aware of their sweet and loving nature.

         9. Irish Setter

Dressed in silky, flowing coats that vary from red to mahogany to strawberry blonde, Irish setters are gorgeous without being snooty. If they weren’t as beautiful, they’d still be beloved by many due to their outgoing and fun nature. They’re active, excited charming, sweet, and friendly. They create just enough chaos to keep you in awe.

In many ways, Irish setters are like other breed dogs. They’re intelligent and simple to train. They’re always eager to meet new people and will destroy belongings if you don’t give them enough time and exercise. However, big families that love visiting the park will typically enjoy having an Irish setter in their family.

      10. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh hounds can be hit or miss with many dog lovers. You can either find them attractive or maybe a bit strange. However, everybody is sure that the pharaoh hound is a distinct breed (they’re also among the most expensive breeds of dog available). They are often adorned with a funny and sometimes bizarre look that makes them more appealing or odd, depending on what you prefer to see.

Pharaoh Hounds aren’t very common; however, they are great pets, even for new owners. Big-eared, short-haired, and elegant, the breed was bred to chase large prey and hunt alongside their owners. However, unlike many similar constructed breeds, these dogs are incredibly affectionate with their owners and don’t come with the inexhaustible sources of energy that speedy hunting dogs do.

    11. Weimaraner

The breed is often referred to in the field as “silver ghost,” the Weimaraner is an incredibly attractive breed with the most immediately recognizably gray coat. However, while this could make some dogs appear cold, Weimaraners have gentle and empathetic eyes that can warm even the iciest hearts. They look like a more sophisticated version of the Labrador retriever; however, unlike Labs, Weimaraners are a bit more in demand and aren’t ideal for owners who aren’t experienced.

Weimaraners are sweet, smart, and easy to train; however, they need to be kept active to avoid developing destructive traits. Even with their gorgeous short-haired coats, Weimaraners shed a lot, which can cause issues for those suffering from allergies.

      12. Papillon

The Papillon breed is a scrumptious canine that can’t resist the urge to bring smiles to everyone they meet. They have gorgeous silky coats, beautiful eyes, and a smile that can make you forget about all your worries about the World. The most striking thing about these cute creatures is their tufted ears, which are usually held up to ensure maximum cuteness.

The Papillon isn’t exactly an animal that can be a lap dog. It’s important to keep it engaged to keep busy. They’re a lot of fun puppies that are intelligent and can learn quickly. Actually, a lot of Papillons excel in agility tests (and they’re too adorable for words when they do it).

       13. Shiba Inu

Combining the Shiba Inu’s rounded head, tiny ears, and thick coat makes this breed adorable. They are incredibly cuddly, and pet owners will be compelled to pamper them with lots of love, hugs, smacks, and smudges frequently. Fortunately, only a few Shiba Inus are prone to resentment.

Shiba Inus come in various colors, including black, red, tan, and cream. They shed a lot; however, they don’t need excessive grooming. Shiba Inus are loving animals, but they are more comfortable in a home environment than other breeds, which is why they provide an advantage to people who work for long hours.

       14. Alaskan Malamute

If you’re looking for dogs that resemble animals, then you’ll like this breed of a dog-Alaskan malamute. Similar to wolves, they’re strong, large, and covered with long, thick coats with their ears that are upright to complete the appearance. Their coats also have an array of grey, white, and black shades, which can also enhance their wolf-like look. But, with all respect for the wolf, most dog lovers will admit that malamutes are more attractive than either.

Malamutes, unfortunately, are high-maintenance pets and do not only require regular grooming but lots of stimulation, interaction, and exercise. They’re not the ideal choice for owners who are just beginning their journey; however, they’re great companions for experienced owners with the time and energy.

      15. Rottweiler

A lot of people consider Rottweilers scary. However, if you take a look at their muscular physique and stoic attitude, you’ll not be able to be enthralled by their beauty. Wearing short to medium-length black and tan coats, Rottweilers may not have other breeds’ soft fur and captivating eyes. Nonetheless, they compensate by sporting a pair of eyes of yellow that will delight you to the core.

They are beautiful pets with personalities that are even more appealing to their owners. They’re extremely insecure about their families and can transform into loving piles of cuddles and smooches whenever the chance arises. Rotties can be quite a nuisance and aren’t an ideal choice for new owners.

     16. Great Dane

Many breeds are beautiful, but few actually do not have the same combination of beauty and size. The Great Dane is frequently referred to as the most beautiful breed. Great Danes are known for their massive body, but they’re very attractive as well. They might not have their flowing hair like that of an Irish setter or the body shape of the Rottweiler; however, they do have an elegant appearance that’s stunning to look at.

The Great Dane’s propensity to make huge amounts of drool can offset its elegant appearance, and this could be enough to convince prospective owners to pick a different breed. Naturally, you’ll have to provide the Great Dane with plenty of space (they are too large for a small apartment). However, they require minimal exercise.

      17. Doberman

Dobermans look stunning, but their size, powerful posture, and pointed ears can trigger a sense of anxiety in people who’ve not met one before. However, unlike Rottweilers, who also hail from Germany and have the same paint scheme, Dobermans are incredibly soft and devoted to their owners. In reality, they’re very sensitive, and harsh words from their owners can cause them to hide and cower.

But before you decide to go and get one of these gorgeous dogs to your household, be mindful: You should not get to adopt a Doberman If you’re not eager to cuddle. Despite their dimensions, Dobermans are known to snuggle onto their owners’ laps and then settle down for very well-deserved praise and kisses.

       18. Dalmatian

Many may find the polka-dot-like pattern of dalmatians adorable or funny, but not stunning. Still, they’re popular and attractive, so we decided to include them with the other beautiful dogs on this list. While they’re best known for their association with firefighters, they’re very well-rounded dogs that also excel in agility and hunting situations.

Dalmatians are energetic, so it is essential to give them ample exercise. It’s not a good idea to keep them in a room – they require ample space to play, run, and jump around. They are actually fantastic running partners and are usually eager to continue for a long time when you’ve called it quits.

       19. German Shepherd

One of Hollywood’s most loved as a favorite of the Hollywood elite, the German shepherd, has likely appeared on a large (and smaller) screen more frequently than any other dog breed. Their work ethic and intelligence definitely make them ideal for this kind of job. However, the reason they’re so popular is simple: they’re beautiful.

German shepherds are characterized by a gentle, affectionate facial expression which contrasts beautifully with their wolf-like fur coat and built. They are available in a wide range of shades, ranging from all-white to black and in between. However, this gorgeous coat sheds a lot, so it is recommended to take off its coat to give them a thorough brushing every week or more.

      20. Akita

Akitas are large dogs with wide shoulders and a muscular body that exudes power and confidence. However, their dense and soft coats soften the image and help to make them one of the most beautiful breeds. In the past, Akitas were used for various very important jobs, ranging from hunting boars to guard dog work, but are usually used as pet dogs in the contemporary World.

Akitas are available in several colors, but they tend to be a mix of gray, brown, black, and white. Their coats are ideal for pet care, but unfortunately, they shed lots (and doolers). Akitas aren’t the most tolerant of children. Therefore early exposure and socialization are essential.

We’re always looking for feedback from our readers. However, we’d love to hear from you more than we normally do on this particular issue. Tell us which breed you think is most attractive, and also tell us what breeds you think we should’ve added to the listing (if there are any)!

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