Rottweiler Temperament: An Often Misunderstood Dog Breed

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Rottweiler Temperament

Many people are afraid of dogs, especially the large, intimidating breeds that have been historically employed for protection. Many people are skeptical of certain species, such as Dobermans, pit bulls, Rottweiler Temperament, and others.

However, the majority of these negative beliefs are based on misinformation.

Actually, these breeds of dog and the Rottweiler specifically are usually lovely dogs that are not worthy of the negative reputations that they’ve been branded.

Find out more about the Rottweiler personality and character and why this dog breed may be more than you imagine.

Rottweiler History and Development

The Rottweiler is an old-age dog breed whose origin is not completely known. The species is believed to be descendants of Roman driver dogs employed during the 1st Century to assist in herding cattle.

These were huge, mastiff-like dog breeds that were strong, intelligent, and courageous to effectively control huge and dangerous bulls.

In the Middle Ages, dog breeders located in and around the German city of Rottweil started using these dogs for different purposes. Instead of being used to drive cattle, they were used to pull butcher carts and protect the butcher against thieves.

They proved to be a good breed of guard dog for this purpose. At this point, the dogs started to adopt the physical traits and fundamental Rottweiler personality that characterize modern breed members.

Rottweilers decreased in popularity in the following hundred years before experiencing a revival at the start of the 20th Century. The first Rottweiler breeder’s club was founded in 1914. The breed started to gain popularity shortly afterward.

Throughout the rest of the early 20th Century, The breed was employed in a myriad of settings such as agility trials, conformation tests, obedience training, and security contexts.

And from then, they became prevalent pet breeds. Today, the AKC (which first recognized it in 1934) has rated Rottweiler the number 8 most sought-after dog in the United States.

Surprisingly enough, there are many myths, especially regarding the number of people who have Rotties themselves.

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweilers possess compelling personalities. However, they’re also brilliant dogs. Some of the terms that are often used to describe the temperament of the dog include:

  • Smart
  • Loving
  • Affectionate
  • Driven
  • Brave
  • Protective
  • Confident
  • Loyal
  • Sensitive
  • Alert

We’ll take a look at some of their most notable personal traits in the following paragraphs.


Sensitivity is a crucial aspect of Rottweiler’s personality. Most people are astonished at how sensitive these large dogs are.

Despite their courage and colossal size, they can be distraught when confronted with brutal treatment or training methods. Alternatively, Rottweilers should be trained with positive reinforcement methods because they are keen to please their owners.

However, their sensitivity is usually restricted to members of their families because Rottweilers are generally distant and reserved with strangers.

Although they’re not hostile towards strangers, they are relaxed and calm but are ready to take action should they sense that the stranger could pose the risk of danger.

Affectionate and Love Nature

Rottweilers are highly affectionate dogs who are incredibly loving to their family members.

Similar to lapdogs. Rottweilers like to curl up and lay around with their family members and will often lie directly over their owners if they are allowed to do so.

Due to their loving nature, Rottweilers often bond strongly with their families. 

This can cause issues with separation anxiety when they are left on their own for extended periods.

Rottweilers don’t want to be cut off from their families, and they’re not the best suited to live a life encased in the backyard. Rottweilers wish to be part of their families on an adventure, even if they are just a trip to the grocery store.

Consider these aspects when deciding on this dog breed; in case you cannot give the Rottie the physical activity and experience it seeks, it’ll likely not be a content dog.

Brave and Confident Dogs

While they are vulnerable, Rottweilers rarely back down when faced with a challenge.

Instead, they face perceived dangers head-on; often, they display an intense barking and lunging display. But adequately trained and breeding Rottweilers shouldn’t be seen to be hostile towards people and other animal species.

This is the reason why socializing the dogs is crucial. Rottweiler puppies that are socialized are far less likely to be aggressive towards strangers.

Their courage and instincts to protect are one of the reasons why Rottweilers are frequently employed in security and guarding situations, such as Guard canines and police dogs.

In actuality, they are among the most popular dogs employed by military personnel, police, and private guard dog trainers.

They are exceptionally secure around their family members and will often place themselves between family members and the threat.

Numerous Rottweiler owners have reported that their dogs place themselves between family members who fight even when the disputes are merely playful.

They are fans of harmony within families and feel most content when they receive affection and love from their entire family. But, it’s essential to make sure that they aren’t misinterpreting the situation to ensure that the behavior of a Rottweiler doesn’t turn into aggression.

Rottweiler Intelligence and Drive

Many authorities consider Rottweilers to be among the most intelligent breeds of dogs around the globe (generally, they’re ranked in the elite 10).

Rottweiler Owners will be able to confirm this, pointing out that they don’t just master new things fast, but they are exceptionally clever at manipulating owners to provide them with the food or time they crave.

The majority of Rottweilers are very responsive when it comes to training obedience. 

However, this isn’t just an outcome of their intellect; it is also due to their fantastic dedication to work and the desire to make their family members happy.

In reality, Rottweilers are usually happiest when given tasks to complete. They don’t like to be idle all day and can end up being destructive if they’re not given a chance to exercise their intellect.

So, if you teach your Rottweiler efficiently and keep them entertained, You will get rewarded with an obedient dog.

Clown-Like and comical

Numerous Rottweiler owners are delighted to learn that these otherwise-serious dogs can usually turn into complete nerds while playing with their family.

It’s always a pleasure when a large breed of dog can be a surprise to you in a playful and funny way, and you might find the Rottie is filled with surprises. They are often fond of playing “tag” together with the owners. They often engage in bow games and make funny vocalizations when they’re relaxed and enjoying themselves.

Rottweilers are generally friendly and affectionate with children who are part of their family. However, due to their size and vitality, caution is recommended.

Children may be accidentally injured by knocking them over or hitting them. Therefore, it is not advisable to expose your Rottie to children; it is always better to be safe than regret it.

Challenging Nature

Although Rottweilers love and are eager to participate in training activities, they can take over the leadership role in families that lack a strong “alpha” personality.

Due to their size and intimidating dog breeds, this can result in obedience issues.

This is why it’s crucial to ensure the strict order of pecking in the household and have your Rottweiler being the lowest level on the hierarchy.

These are essential values that should be instilled in Rottweiler puppies to ensure that they don’t become believing they’re the boss.

Are you a good peer for The Rottweiler Temperament?

Are you a good peer for The Rottweiler Temperament?

When you think about adding a dog to your family, make sure you choose the right breed and dog that will fit in with your house.

Although things such as love, affection, loyalty, as well as sensitivity are a part of the Rottweiler temperament, they do not suit all pet owners. 

Before you decide to add a Rottie to your house, ensure that you conduct the necessary research.

Dog owners who are new to the breed, for instance, generally discover the Rottweiler temperament to be a little more than they are able to manage. 

It’s true that this isn’t an ideal breed to make a mess of your dog’s training.

They can be more suitable for dog owners who have experience and a solid understanding of dog training and care.

Rottweilers aren’t the best option for families who spend extended periods away from home. 

Rottweilers are a joy to be with their families and can develop destructive chewing behavior and personality issues when left to themselves for long durations of time.

Additionally, it’s crucial to ensure that prospective Rottweiler owners are seeking a dog that can become a full member of the house, not an animal that lives in the same home.

Rottweilers are fantastic dogs when they receive the attention, love, and exercise they require. However, it’s the case that their requirements in these areas are vast.

Because of their large size and power, Rottweilers aren’t the best option for those lacking the physical size or strength to keep up with them.

Even the most well-trained Rottweilers can easily drag their owners around when they spot something that draws their attention. 

The same goes for homebodies, and people who have mobility issues may be unable to bring the Rottweiler out to play as frequently as they’d like.

However, for those with experience taking care of dogs who are looking to add another member to their family and are willing to give them the stimulation, exercise, and training that they require, Rottweilers are a great option. Rottweiler owners tend to be committed to their breed and consider them excellent companions.

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Summarizing The Temperament of the Rottweiler Temperament

The Rottweiler breed of dog is prevalent and with good reason. These are intelligent, strong, loving, loyal, and playful dogs that are not worthy of their reputation as aggressive. But they aren’t the best dogs for every person.

When you think about the possibility of a Rottweiler, Make sure you provide them with the right environment that is attentive, social, and the training they need.

They’re undoubtedly high-maintenance pets that aren’t suitable for novice dog owners. If you can give them everything they require, the Rottweiler is a rewarding pet to own.

Like all dogs, be sure to conduct your research before making a choice, which includes visiting a reliable breeder who can provide more details and assist you in deciding. A reliable breeder will have Rottweiler’s needs in mind and will ensure that both you and your Rottweiler will be a great match.

Do you have any experience with a Rottweiler? What do you think of Rottweiler’s behavior and character? Did you find your dog easy to train and socialize with, or was he a bit for you? We’d like to learn about your experiences in the comments section below.

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