15 Kinds of Bulldog – The Complete Guide to Bulldog Breeds

September 17, 2022

15 Kinds of Bulldog: It’s difficult to distinguish the appearance of a Bulldog. With their wrinkled skin, stumpy legs, big heads, and jaws that are slightly undershot, Bulldogs have become a popular breed throughout America. In actuality, Bulldogs are among the 5th most sought-after breed in the United States (2018).

Bulldogs are everywhere, and it’s not difficult to understand the reason. Even the smaller breed of the Bulldog-the French Bulldog cracks the top 5 list of most popular breeds. But did you realize that there are a variety of variants of the most popular Bulldog?

We have witnessed more than twenty-six Bulldog breeds through crossbreeding Bully-type breeds with other species. While some are believed to be gone, many have thrived in the modern world. Learn more about the various Bulldog breeds.

What is the definition of a Bulldog?

Bulldogs Both American and English could represent one of the two most well-known bulldog breeds apart from the French Bulldog. Although the two breeds may differ in appearance, the temperaments are essentially the same. Therefore, they’re frequently mistaken for one another.

However, bulldog-like breeds are characterized by the same physical traits that are seen across the spectrum. For instance, you’re likely to have the same frame and build, which is both short and wide and with plenty of weight.

While weight and height vary among bulldog breeds, the Bulldog’s distinctive face wrinkle is usually visible on the body and face. The other distinctive characteristics of these dogs include the shorter snout and flat faces. They are referred to as the brachycephalic dog.

Bulldogs are great breeds and aren’t slow to learn. They’re extremely smart but extremely determined. They are also extremely treat-motivated, and you can convince them to do almost whatever you’d like through food.

— Dog paw (City City)

Bulldogs were once fierce and brave dogs bred for bull-baiting. But over the course of time, they transformed into the soft and friendly companion dogs we have nowadays. They’ve made a significant leap from their time as fighting dogs, and the present Bulldogs are evidence.

It’s not uncommon to see a gentle bulldog with an easy-going temperament. They’re as kind as any other breed, with their human-centered personality. They’re also great with children and can be very good with other dogs when they’re socialized.

Due to their history, Bulldogs still retain the bravery and alertness that they were once required to have. Although they’re a sweet companion to your family, they’re more likely to be distant from strangers. That’s why they’re one of the most effective watchdogs in the present.

There are many kinds of Bulldogs, each with distinct characteristics and charm. Many have been sadly extinct. We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of the most well-known and distinct Bulldog varieties.

1. American Bulldog

Highlights: Loyal, Confident, Friendly

Kinds of Bulldog

The American Bulldog is the classic all-American canine that exhibits incredible endurance as well as strength and agility. They’re the direct descendants of their ancestor, the English Bulldog, though they’re slightly larger and more powerful than their forebears.

At the beginning of the 19th century, oversea Bulldogs were the first to have come to the United States. But, there is no consensus among historians that they’ve existed in the United States from the beginning of the 17th century. In the end, the breed was designed to possess characteristics that are more in line with the work of farmers.

The American Bulldogs were employed in a variety of roles as companions to ranchers and farmers. They guarded livestock, snared wild pigs, and were even involved in herding. They were vital to the farms during the 19th century.

However, as agriculture declined in popularity across the United States, American Bulldogs once again had to become companion animals. But, thanks to their friendly and balanced personality, this transition was easy and largely successful.

American Bulldog Temperament

American Bulldogs have all the desirable qualities you’d look for in an animal companion. In addition to their high confidence levels, they don’t hesitate to protect their owners. They are as loyal as they come, with their backs always up regardless of the situation.

Although they are tough and brave workers, American Bulldogs are tranquil and soft when they are at home. Also, they can be great companions for children of a certain age if appropriately trained and socialized. However, their determination may make learning difficult.

A dog named American Bulldog will require a stable and consistent leader in the group. They’ll most likely possess strong personalities that need to be controlled. However, you can have the ideal dog with a loving home and a good workout.

2. English Bulldog

Highlights: Friendly, Docile, Outgoing

The English Bulldog is where it began. Evidence from history suggests that the first appearance of these dogs was around the 13th century in England. At the time, they were utilized for blood sports known as bull-baiting.

At one time, fierce, fearless, and tenacious dogs, English Bulldogs were thrown into the midst of fierce bulls and forced to fight to the death. With its strong jaws, a Bulldog will berate and pin the animals in front of the spectators. That’s how they got their names, the bulldogs.

Nowadays, English Bulldogs are not the same breed of dog as they used to be. Breeders began breeding to improve the temperament of their dogs. It was truly a gruesome sport, which is now prohibited across the globe. Following an exclusion, there are numerous Bulldogs across the nation.

The calm and gentle English Bulldog became a favorite for family members throughout England. The breed received international recognition and was eventually introduced outside of the country. This dog more developed into all the Bulldog breeds there, which we are present today.

English Bulldog Temperament

Few dog breeds are as gentle and sweet as the contemporary English Bulldog. They are more of some frivolity and a fondness for the family members. However, the English Bulldog isn’t aggressive or tough despite their appearance.

For children in the house they’re wonderful companions due to their particular attraction to children. They’re also robust enough to withstand the hard play of children; however, they’re also social and love being the center of interest with the kids.

In the past, English Bulldogs remain true to their spirit of adventure. In addition, they can be great as a second set of eyes for your children. However, we recommend parental supervision and lots of training and socialization before letting these dogs in.

     3. French Bulldog

Highlights: Fun-loving, Adaptable and Smart

As wonderful as American and English Bulldogs are, the French Bulldog is the most well-known bulldog breed. Also called the Frenchie, these dogs were developed to be appealing companions ideal for families with children.

In the Industrial Revolution in England, Frenchies first began popping up. They were popular toy companions who could live in the tiny homes of the lace makers of Nottingham, England.

In the countryside, in the factories for lace, Frenchies were hugely popular. But, when the center for the lace-making industry moved towards northern France, the majority of workers were forced to relocate. In turn, they took their bulldogs of a size to take along with their families.

The Frenchies were crossed with popular toys to create the current French Bulldog in the following decade. It’s believed these dogs have crossed Pugs and other breeds of terriers, getting their distinctive bat-like ears.

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French Bulldog Temperament

French Bulldogs are the most well-known breeds of Bulldogs due to the reason. There aren’t many dogs that are as energetic and positive as them. Because of their fun nature, coupled with a smile, Frenchies have swept into thousands of homes across the globe.

With their long history as companion dogs that can be found in every kind of environment, French Bulldogs are some of the most versatile breeds. They were designed for smaller enclosures, such as apartments and smaller houses. But, they’ll be a great fit in suburbs and rural areas too.

Frenchies can be the most adored pets or lap dogs. They are a joy to spend time with their owners, but they aren’t afraid to play hard too. Whatever you’re looking forward to, they’ll be thrilled to join you for some amusement.

   4. Australian Bulldog

Highlights: Affectionate, Loyal, Sociable

Although the Australian Bulldog indeed resembles its English counterpart, there are evident influences from other breeds, for instance, Boxers. As the name suggests, the bulldog breed originated in the south of Australia in the year 1998.

Australian Bulldogs were originally created through Noel and Tina Green, the founders of an Australian breeding program. They aimed to create a better suitable dog for the harsh climate in Australia.

Naturally, the principal breed used to breed this Bulldog was an English Bulldog. But different breeds, such as the Boxer, Bullmastiff, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier, were used. It resulted in bulldogs that had more wrinkles and larger limbs, at the very least physically.

Australian Bulldog Temperament

The Australian Bulldog, like other bulldogs, is an affectionate dog developed to be a natural in families. They’re not just committed dogs, but they also possess an extremely high level of intelligence, making training more enjoyable.

They were designed specifically for the Australian lifestyle and matched perfectly. At home, you can expect to find a calm dog who is able to adjust to various environments. These flexible dogs can do great in an apartment or on your farm.

The importance of exercise is still paramount for the Australian Bulldog. Their primary need is affection and love. In fact, they were created to be more athletic as compared to their English relatives. However, there’s nothing you can do to make this breed happy.

  5. Old English Bulldog

Highlights: Adaptable, Brave, Docile

In the 1970s, when it was first developed by David Leavitt, the Olde English Bulldogge was designed to be an homage in time to an 18th-century Bulldog. He was looking to create an old English Bulldog that reflected the appearance and physical fitness of older bulldogs.

Leavitt was the first in the process of mixing. Leavitt began to crossbreed the English Bulldog with the Bullmastiff, an American Pit Bull Terrier, and American Bulldog. The result was an athletic bulldog with all the physical characteristics of the bull-baiting breeds of the past and a sweet disposition.

To differentiate his breed from others, Leavitt referred to his dogs as his “Leavitt Bulldogs.” Though they were frequently misspelled in the form of “bulldogges.” However, when the UKC finally recognized the dogs in 2014, they officially renamed them Olde English Bulldogges.

Bulldog Temperament

Bulldogs were brave, confident, proud, and confident breeds. In the house, they maintained the sociability of bulldogs today. With the variety of parent breeds that make up Bulldogges, including the Olde English Bulldogge, you will probably be able to determine the character that these breeds had.

It’s important to note that they’re extremely protected by their family members and are among the top guard dogs in those who are bulldogs. They’re extremely brave and will not be afraid to confront anyone who enters the owner’s property.

If you have a strong personality, one of the last things you’d like to do is become a destructive Bulldogge. As Leavitt stated, Bulldogges will be very active and energetic dogs. Their excess energy can cause problems if it isn’t channeled to work or exercise.

    6. Catahoula Bulldog

Highlights: Energetic, Devoted, Agile

Sometimes, they are referred to as the American Mastahoulas. The Catahoula Bulldog is a crossbred of the American Bulldog and the Catahoula leopard dogs. Although it is a crossbreed, the Bulldog breed has been in existence for more than 100 years.

Catahoula Leopard Dogs originated from Louisiana. In this way, the bulldog version is an extremely very popular dog breed across America’s Southern states. Bulldogs were bred to fill the needs of people throughout the state, like hunting big game and herding cattle.

Catahoula Bulldogs had become a success. While not many people know about them, they’re far more well-known than you imagine. In reality, they are many bulldogs in shelters across the south of America. If you’re looking for one, then this is the place you should be looking.

Catahoula Bulldog Temperament

On the Catahoula Leopard Dog side, the Bulldog will be active and lively. It is essential to exercise them regularly to keep their destructive instincts from developing. Without it, they’ll become more easily controlled.

The truth is, Catahoula Bulldogs are extremely loving breeds and have the usual bulldog instincts of protection within them. They aren’t great with strangers, and caution is recommended when welcoming new guests to your home. However, with time, they’ll become accustomed to the new people.

They’re not generally aggressive; however, they can accidentally hurt smaller children. Even so, they’re very loving with their family members. They are generally better in families with older children. However, the parental need for supervision is highly recommended.

   7. Victorian Bulldog

Features: Loving, Gentle, and Warm

The Victorian Bulldog is a kind of bully largely due to its popularity to Ken Mollett in the 1980s. The breed has an extended history that dates back to the Victorian time period. This is why Mollett decided to restore the bulldogs from the famous era.

He bred a mix of The English Bulldogs with Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and the Bullmastiffs. He not only created a breed that looked like the old Victorian dogs but also developed a far healthier bulldog.

Victorian Bulldogs are slightly bigger and, therefore, less wide than the typical bulldogs. They also have lesser breathing issues that are the main concern of most brachycephalic breeds, such as the classic bully. In addition, they have a Corkscrew Tail that isn’t as evident anymore.

Victorian Bulldog Temperament

There aren’t many dog breeds as reliable and trustworthy as the Victorian Bulldog. They’re all about loyalty, and that’s evident when they’re acclimatized to your family. They’re happy dogs who enjoy every moment with their family members.

We’d like to consider the Victorian Bulldog the ultimate and perfect pet for the entire family. They’re not just great with children, but they also tend to be a good companions for other pets in the household. However, they’ll have to be properly trained because they are prone to assume the role of leader.

Like most Bulldogs, the Victorian is very protective of their family. However, this does not mean that they’re not aggressive. If you’re with people, you know there’s not one aggression bone within their bodies. But with strangers, they’ll be cautious and distant.

    8. Ca de Bou

Highlights: Intelligent, Brave, Quiet

It is believed that the Ca de Bou is a breed of bulldogs that comes from the island of Majorca situated in the east of Spain. They’re strong and massive Bulldogs originally bred for guarding and bull-baiting as with their close relatives.

Nowadays, the Ca de Bou is primarily used as a family member and is often utilized as a security dog at home. They had a difficult background however-the dog’s ancestors were at risk of extinction after World War II.

In actuality, there was only a small number of Bulldogs remaining around the island. They eventually crossed with other Spanish bullies such as The Perro de Pastor Mallorquin and the Alano Espanol to create the modern Ca de Bou, which was an elite working dog.

Ca de Bou Temperament

While the Ca de Bou is extremely smart, they require a consistent and firm owner to control their dominating personality. Training and socialization for obedience are vital for this Ca de Bou. If they don’t, they’ll be extremely difficult to manage.

After you’ve started an appropriate obedience program, the dogs are usually tranquil and peaceful dogs at home. In reality, they’re one of the most peaceful dogs that you’ll meet. Because of this, they’re formidable watchdogs as well as guardians.

It’s no secret that the Ca de Bou isn’t very confident with strangers. If not approached with cautiousness, it is a breed that will instantly transform into fierce guard dogs when they sense the slightest hint of danger. They’ll always look for direction from their owners like the best guardians do.

    9. Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog

highlights: Adaptable, Alert, and Loving

To say the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog has blue blood isn’t true, even though it could be something extraordinary. They’re more commonly referred to as “blue blood” dogs because they were considered noble breeds, at least according to the breeder who originally created them.

The breeder, whose name is Papa Buck Lane is the one accountable for breeding the Blue Blood Bulldog. He started by breeding his dog of choice, Otto, over several generations (all named Otto). While Buck Lane passed away, his daughter continued the breed’s tradition.

Physically, Alapaha is stronger and bigger than the English Bulldogs. Additionally, they were raised to have superior morals. In the states of the south, there was a need for the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldogs to serve as hunting dogs, herding dogs, and guard dogs.

Alapaha Bulldog Temperament

The Alapaha Bulldog is an extremely, very proud and dedicated bulldog. They’re extremely aware of their work, and their superior intelligence makes them highly efficient. Alapaha Bulldogs are naturally great watchdogs and guardians. However, off the field, they’re also extremely loyal.

They may be excessively possessive because of the territorial nature of their instincts. They’re insecure about strangers who come into the house and are a bit aloof to the family. In reality, they consider their role as a part of the household more than other dogs.

Alapaha Bulldogs are surprisingly friendly and are able to take on any rough-playing children when they’re used to them. They’re best for households with just one dog; however, they can play well with children who are older in the group. They’re also a great pet for families.

       10. Serrano Bulldog

Highlights: Loyal, Mild-tempered, Proud

The Serrano Bulldog is a stunning Brazilian dog breed that has been bred for hard work. They’re fantastic security dogs. They’re excellent when it comes to animals that move. But their history isn’t clear.

The theory of historians is that the Serrano originated from dogs who were brought to southern Brazil around the time of the 1800s through immigrants. Since most immigrants of the time were from Europe, they brought their Bulldogs which were well-known at the time.

We’re not sure what breeds were involved in aiding in the creation of the Serrano; however, it is thought that they were developed together with one of the breeds, the Bullenbeisser, along with The Old English Bulldog. There is a belief that the Alano Espanol was involved in the process too.

Serrano Bulldog Temperament

Unfortunately, there’s not much information available about the temperaments that make up the Serrano Bulldog, though we think they possess bulldog-like personality traits. The Serrano is definitely an ebullient and brave breed as a protector dog.

In general, the majority of the time, they’ll be tranquil and soft dogs, at the very least when they’re with their familiar. They don’t display unnecessary aggression, which is what all good guard dogs are prone to do. It’s only when they’re agitated or are afraid that they’ll respond.

It’s been proven, however, that the Serrano Bulldog is extremely loyal to their owners if they are properly trained. With their strong morals, they’re well-suited to do almost any task, particularly those that involve cattle.

       11. Alano Espanol

Highlights: Energetic, Sociable, Brave

Also known as The Spanish Bulldog, the Alano Espanol is a breed that comes from Spain, as does its cousin, the Ca de Bou. They were bred as hunters, catch dogs as well as a guard dogs. In the past, they were also used as bull-baiting dogs during Spanish bullfights.

Alano Espanol dogs are believed to have come from their Iranian tribe, also known as Alani. The nomadic group migrated to Spain in the fifth century. In this way, they took their dogs when they traveled west.

It wasn’t long before the Spanish Bulldog took a short time to become highly desired in Spain. In the following years, Alano Espanol became widely used by Spanish explorationists. Additionally, Alanos became war dogs in the process of subjugating indigenous Indians.

Spanish Bulldog Temperament

The Spanish Bulldog is a highly outgoing and social dog not only with humans but also with other dogs and pets of the pack. They were bred to hunt in groups. This is why a large number of Spanish Bulldogs have a pack-dog mindset.

Due to the massive size of these dogs, they have to be properly trained and socialized. They’ll have to be taught how to interact with other humans. They’re not aggressive at all; however, they can become quite noisy when they’re overly excited around humans.

As a multi-purpose dog, The Spanish Bulldog has plenty of energy. More than any other breeds of bulldogs on this list. To be healthy and content, they’ll need regular exercise and training all of their lives.

     12. Continental Bulldog

Highlights: Friendly, Confident, Attentive

The Continental Bulldog, also known as the Conti, is a new bulldog breed that was created in Switzerland in the middle of the 2000s. Like many contemporary Bulldogs, the Continental was designed to decrease the incidence of health issues within these dogs.

The well-known Swiss breeder Imelda Angehrn who is now known as the “Grand Old Lady of Bulldogs,” is the one who was responsible for the development of Continental. Her family was breeding English Bulldogs for all of her life. However, there were some issues she wanted to address.

She not only wanted to have a faster Bulldog but one that had no more breathing problems. She had tried crossbreeding with several similar breeds. It was only in 2001 that she successfully crossed the Olde English Bulldog with the English Bulldog.

Continental Bulldog Temperament

The Continental Bulldog is a loving and affectionate dog, even though it has an impressive level of confidence in the field. The Bulldogs are full of energy. This is why they’re very active canines that require continual physical activity and exercise.

Continentals are smarter than you believe. Because they’re keen bulldogs, they’re exceptional in understanding human emotion. If you’re feeling down, they’ll be right by your side. A nd If you’re feeling happy, they’ll be equally thrilled.

If properly trained and socialized, The Continental Bulldog is likely to have a moderate temperament. It’s unlikely they’ll be too aggressive or too timid. They’re an all-round great pet. In reality, you could refer to them as the Goldilocks of bulldog breeds.

    13. Valley Bulldog

Highlights: Active, Energetic, Affectionate via Instagram: @cypressaureliuspoe

Technically, the Valley Bulldog is a bully hybrid. In particular, they’re the cross of the English Bulldog with a Boxer. They’ve also been extremely well-known in recent times that they’ve even been called the Valley Bulldog.

Some think it is possible that Valley Bulldogs naturally existed without the need for deliberately designed crossbreeding of dogs. However, breeders have begun to intentionally breed these dogs because of the need for a friendly and well-behaved pet.

These magnificent bulldogs first became famous in the late 1800s in Nova Scotia, Canada. They quickly exploded into the world scene thanks to their likable temperaments. While they’re still great pets, a lot of them remain in shelters.

Valley Bulldog Temperament

The Boxer parent, The Valley Bulldog, inherits their playful personality. Their positive energy is infectious, and they’re able to lighten your day with little effort. Owners will inform you that they are hilarious dogs.

Valley Bulldogs are more active than your average English Bulldog, mostly thanks to their Boxer parent. For the most part, they’re very sociable dogs. However, just like all bulldogs, you’ll have to keep them active and supervised to avoid a gentle temperament.

Valley Bulldogs are always active and curious, and they love having fun with their owner. Valley Bulldogs are naturally loving dogs, so being the focus of attention is suitable. They thrive on interactions with humans, and their friendly personality proves this.

       14. Bullmastiff

Highlights: Loving, Devoted, Courageous

Indeed, you’re not alone if you thought Bullmastiff is a bulldog type. Actually, it’s on their names. They’re a cross of the English Mastiff and now-extinct Old English Bulldog. In the end, they’ve inherited all the good qualities of both parents.

These dogs were known as ” The Gamekeeper’s Night Dog” due to their previous work. The mid-19th century was a time when the English elites owned a variety of game preserves. They were large areas where hunters could hunt in a “controlled” environment.

The game preserves were prime potential targets for poachers. The aristocracy wanted dogs that could fiercely defend their land from the prying eyes of strangers. That’s precisely the job Bullmastiffs performed for them. It’s no surprise that they did an excellent job in their job.

Bullmastiff Temperament

There aren’t many dogs as strong and loyal as the Bullmastiff. They’re not ordinary Bulldogs; however, they’re exclusive Bulldogs specifically designed to protect. Their physical power is what makes them great at searching for and catching intruders. In addition, few people dare play with one.

Bullmastiffs are always at peace and secure, and, more importantly, they’re trustworthy dogs. If you’re searching for a trustworthy guard dog, take a look at these. The Bullmastiff breed has one of the most dominant personalities and is only for owners with experience.

Within the family, they’re gentle and loving. Indeed, many parents are quiet. They are smart enough to recognize when to be active and when they need to relax. In the end, they had to comprehend the situation to guard their homes effectively.

       15. Campiero Bulldog

Highlights: Loyal, Protective, Energetic

It is believed that the Campiero Bulldog is another Brazilian breed of Bulldog, often mistaken for the Serrano Bulldog. However, while they’re close relatives, they’re totally different kinds of Bulldogs with a similar background and the same origin.

But they do have a more hazy history as compared to the Serranos. Many historians believe that Campiero Bulldogs are descendants of now-extinct older English Bulldogs. When the immigrants brought them to Brazil, they could have crossed with the local dogs.

A different idea could be that Campiero Bulldogs represent an evolutionary lineage of Terceira Mastiff, an ancestry dog. There is no way to know for sure. However, Campieros developed into highly sought-after cattle guard dogs in Brazil.

Campiero Bulldog Temperament

The Campiero Bulldogs are all about dedication and loyalty. They’re willing to put in the intense work mainly due to their owners. They take great satisfaction in being part of the pack, and they’ll be there for you in any circumstance.

However, Campiero Bulldogs make fantastic dog guards. These dogs are not just great because they’re keen to protect the group, but because they are equipped to do it. They’re smart, attentive, and alert – all the most desirable qualities for guardians.

They’re excellent with kids. They love the chaos children can bring. However, overseeing the kids’ interactions and socializing them properly is important. Some owners claim they’re insecure and may become jealous, however.

Did we miss a type of Bulldog that deserves to be on this list? Also, let us know in the comments section which is your favorite Bulldog breed.

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