How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Typically Have in a Litter?

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How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Typically Have in a Litter?

How Many Puppies Do French Bulldogs Typically Have in a Litter?: As a brachycephalic breed, Frenchies rarely have big litters of puppies. Litters of brachycephalic short-skulled dog breeds are typically relatively small. So, how many puppies and litters can a French bulldog have?

How many puppies are there in a litter of French Bulldogs? Each litter of French bulldog puppies will typically have three puppies. Anything more than five puppies is highly uncommon in a Frenchie, with seven puppies extremely rare. The majority of litter will be delivered by Caesarean section.

When compared to larger dog breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, which can have eight puppies on average, the Frenchie litters are quite small. Even small dogs, like Beagles, can have litters of six puppies.

One element contributing to the high price of Frenchies is their small litter size and attractiveness as a breed.

A French Bulldog can have how many litters? Most French Bulldogs can have up to four litters. Any more than that and the mother’s health will be jeopardized. Some reckless breeders will attempt to have more than four litters from their mother.

Below is a list in which I compare the average litter sizes of some of the most popular dog breeds in the world. As you can see, the average litter size for brachycephalic breeds is relatively modest.

Dog breed type and Average litter size

  • Chihuahua 3 puppies
  • Dachshund 3 puppies
  • French Bulldog 3 puppies
  • Yorkshire Terrier 3 puppies
  • Shih Tzu 3 puppies

  • Boston Terrier 4 puppies
  • British Bulldog 4 puppies
  • Miniature Schnauzer 4 puppies

  • Basset Hound 5 puppies
  • Poodle 5 puppies
  • Pug 5 puppies

  • Beagle 6 puppies

  • Springer Spaniel 7 puppies
  • Corgi 7 puppies
  • Labrador 7 puppies

  • Bernese Mountain Dog 8 puppies
  • German Shepherd Dog 8 puppies
  • Golden Retriever 8 puppies
  • Great Dane 8 puppies
  • Rottweiler 8 puppies

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Why are there so few puppies in the French bulldog breed?

I’ve mentioned brachycephalic a few times already. If you’re not sure what it implies, it’s a canine breed with a shorter head, short snout, and flat face.

Breeds such as the Frenchie, Shih Tzus, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Lhasa Apso, Bull Mastiffs, English Toy Spaniels, Pekingese, and Chow Chows fall under this category.

This breed of dog is often smaller and produces fewer puppies. In addition, French bulldog dams (females) have very narrow hips and small bodies.

They do not have the resources to support large litters of puppies.

If a female Frenchie has a large litter of more than three puppies, the puppies’ health may suffer. They will most likely be underweight, with the weaker members of the litter failing to acquire the milk they require during the first few weeks of life.

How many puppies can a French bulldog have in a year?

How many puppies can a French bulldog have in a year?

They should have no more than one litter per year, preferably every other year. Because they are delivered by C-section, the female requires time to heal and recuperate; thus, everything intensive is cruel and intended to generate money. 

What is the maximum number of litters a French bulldog can have?

Most female Frenchies have four litters in total; however, I’ve heard of reckless breeders trying to acquire more 4 from them.

This isn’t fair because it could have a significant influence on her.

If you’re considering getting a French bulldog puppy, ask the breeder how many litters she’s had.

I would leave if she had more than three.

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How long does a French bulldog’s pregnancy last?

How long does a French bulldog's pregnancy last?

Frenchies seldom give birth normally, with most puppies delivered via C-section. As a result, knowing when they will be ready to give birth is critical.

The gestation period of a French bulldog (the time between conception and birth) is 63 days. On average, she will normally deliver via Caesarean section and have around three puppies in her litter.

Frenchie breeders frequently employ artificial insemination to make their females pregnant because this breed has a difficult time mating naturally due to their small hips.

Pregnancy stages in a French bulldog

The following is a summary of the stages of a Frenchie pregnancy, depicting the four stages of their reproductive cycle:

  • Proestrus: the “getting ready” stage during which blood can discharge – around 9 days
  • Oestrus (also known as estrus): the “mating” period, lasting around 9 days.
  • Diestrus: the “pregnancy” stage, lasting around 63 days.
  • Anestrus: the “recovery” period, which lasts until the next oestrus cycle begins, can last up to six months.

When do French bulldogs come into heat?

When a dog is said to be in heat, they are actually referring to the oestrus cycle. It is extremely similar to a normal female getting her period.

When a Frenchie female is on her oestrus cycle, it signifies she has entered heat, will accept a mate, and may become pregnant.

When French bulldogs attain sexual maturity, they go into heat. Their oestrus cycles occur every six months on average; however, this varies from dog to dog. A French bulldog might take up to two years to acquire regular heat cycles.

Female French bulldogs can reach sexual maturity at the age of 5 months. If they have begun to experience regular oestrus cycles at that point, they are at risk of becoming pregnant.

And because they aren’t completely grown at that age, the pregnancy may pose additional hazards to the dog and the puppies.

If you don’t want your Frenchie to become pregnant, keep her indoors or on a leash during heat, or, better yet, have her spayed.

But wait, didn’t I say earlier that natural insemination between Frenchies was uncommon?

Yes, but other rambunctious dogs will not have the hip issue I’ll discuss shortly and could get your lady dog pregnant.

Do C-sections always have to be performed on French bulldogs?


C-sections are not always necessary, although they are the most typical procedure due to the narrow female hips and the puppies’ huge heads. According to a recent study, roughly 80% of Frenchie puppies are delivered via Caesarean section.

Do C-sections always have to be performed on French bulldogs?

If your French bulldog naturally has puppies, it can be risky for both the female and the litter.

For this breed, the average C-section cost can range from $500 for a planned treatment to $2,000 for highly specialized or emergency Caesareans.


French bulldogs make excellent pets and companions. 

However, their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, leading to a rise in unscrupulous breeders who adopt unethical breeding procedures. This can lead to bad health.

If you are considering purchasing a Frenchie, please conduct your research on the breeder before making a purchase.

A competent breeder would prioritize their dogs, care for the puppies, and will not strive to breed as many babies from the female as possible.

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