Do Rottweilers Shed? (What is the best way to deal with it!)

April 27, 2022

Rottweilers Shed

If you’re thinking about which dog would be best for you, a significant aspect for many is to know whether the dog sheds. I’ve always been a fan of Rottweilers, but I do suffer from allergies, so it was essential for me to determine whether they shed lots or not. We’re going to discuss my observations.

Do Rottweilers shed?

The fur of a Rottweiler sheds moderately. The coat(commonly called “blowing coat”) is double to regulate the body’s temperature that often sheds in the autumn and spring. Brushing a few times per week is the most effective way to combat their shedding.

Since Rottweilers have short coats, many people think that they don’t shed a lot, but this isn’t the case. Certain Rottweilers shed the same amount as Golden Retrievers.

Rottweilers Shedding

Rottweilers aren’t the kind of dog you imagine as a big shedder. However, it’s a truth that the Rottie sheds moderately.

Many believe that Rottweilers shed the same amount as Huskies and Golden Retrievers. The discrepancy is that Rottweilers have shorter fur than these dogs, so you won’t see much when you pile the hairs together.

Since all of these dogs have double coats, it’s likely correct to put them in a similar category. It’s a sign that you need to mentally and physically be prepared for the messy, hairy pup to run around with if you’re looking to purchase a Rottweiler.

Shedding is a real problem for some owners due to the amount of hair everywhere in the house. Because the Rottweiler isn’t small, you’ll likely have lots of hair all over the place. This means you have to clean up frequently.

It could also be dangerous to people with allergies, be it an individual guest or family member. Some people are allergic to dander but not the hair itself. However, dander sticks to the hairs and Rottweilers have lots of it and lose a significant amount of it.

It is crucial to keep in mind that sheds are normal and is not the dog’s fault. If you want to adopt a pet, there are certain things to be dealt with and accepted. Shedding is among those issues, and there is no way of stopping it.

Why do Rottweilers Shed

The reason why the Rottweilers shed is quite fascinating. Similar to the explanations of the reason all dogs with dual coats shed. Undercoats are a soft layer, and it is the layer that triggers all of these issues.

The undercoat provides insulation. It helps protect this Rottweiler from sunburn and makes it more comfortable for this dog to linger out in colder weather.

The topcoat is the one we can see. It’s more durable and is designed to guard against all other elements outside, such as wind and rain. Pretty cool, huh?

If you observe your Rottie shedding, it’s due to the undercoat being shed because the fur has completed its life cycle. This is why the fur might appear slightly soft and less rough.

To understand the process a bit further, there are a few stages in the cycle of hair/fur. These phases are called the anagen, catagen, telogen, and exogen.

Anagen is the phase of growth. It is the time when fur grows. The length will be dependent on the dog’s breed. For Rottweilers, the period of growth isn’t too long.

Catagen refers to the regression phase, which occurs when hair ceases to grow.

Telogen phase Telogen stage is the amount during which the hair/fur is in rest while a new one grows to replace this hair. The healthy shedding process only occurs if there’s a fresh one to replace the existing one.

The final stage is called exogen; the fur/hair disappears or sheds in this stage. Thus, shedding occurs when hair has reached the end of its cycle, and the process can repeat itself.

It is commonplace in the summer months; however, moderate to light shedding can occur all year. It is an attempt to control body temperature.

The best way to determine this is to observe how often your Rotties shed, so you can evaluate it against the times when over-shedding may occur. 

Excessive shedding can indicate that something is wrong.

Rottweilers originated in Germany and are from a city named Rottweil, which is extremely cold. Therefore, this breed was bred to survive in colder climates and moderately hot temperatures.

The method they used to extend their lives was by shedding. Therefore, it serves an actual purpose!

When Rottweilers Shed

Because Rottweilers and other breeds with two coats shed to maintain body temperature, the most likely times to shed most frequently are in spring and autumn.

When the weather starts to warm and the temperature rises, the Rottie begins brushing. During this period, brushing becomes an everyday routine.

This season of heavy shedding runs for about three weeks.

A Rottweiler can be complicated if you prefer to keep everything neat and tidy or if you have allergies.

As the weather changes in the autumn, you’ll notice that your Rottweiler has to be groomed more. This is part of the preparation for the new season and due to the cycle of hair on your dog, it’s common for Rotties. If you live in a warm area, it is most likely to have a dog that sheds constantly. This is because the undercoat acts as insulation, and your dog will not require the same amount of it in tropical areas.

Small to moderate sheds are common throughout the year. Brush your dog at least once each week, depending on how the dog shad.

The most important factor to remember is that every dog is unique. Even Rottweilers in the same litter may shed in different ways. Genetics, for instance, can play a part; however, it’s not always predictable.

The best way to determine this is to keep track of the amount your Rotties shed to look at times when the shedding is excessive. Shredding that is excessive can be an indication that something is wrong.

It may be hard to determine if you don’t have any other data that you can compare the loss to.

Getting a dog that sheds isn’t bad; there are many reasons to adopt a Rottweiler. Don’t get discouraged!

Things that impact the Quantity of Shedding

We have discussed why Rottweilers shed, but there are other aspects that determine how much a dog can shed. There are genetic factors as well as environmental elements. Some of these elements are within your control; however, most of them aren’t.

The main factors that go into how much of your Rottweiler sheds are:

  • Parentage/Ancestral Lines – Some Breeders often breed with low shed dogs in order to produce puppies with less shed
  • Age – Puppies between approximately 1 to 3 may shed a little more as they mature into adult fur
  • Sex of dogs
  • Lactation or pregnancy
  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • Medicine/Supplements
  • Weather/Location
  • Exposure to sunlight

Abnormal Shedding

You might notice that your Rottie sheds too much. It’s not like “that’s too much to manage,” but there’s more shed than normal, and this is causing concern.

If you see a lot of sheds and it’s not the appropriate time of the year, there could be an issue.

Balding and itching are two indicators that this shedding will not be a pleasant experience. Do not get caught in a bit of panic. There are some of these problems that can be fixed easily. If you’re concerned, it’s always a good idea to check with a veterinarian.

Here are some reasons that a Rottweiler will shed its coat after the season:

  • Lactation or pregnancy This could be the cause If your Rottie isn’t spayed.
  • Parasites like mites, lice, or fleas (watch for itching)
  • Reaction to medications or supplements – if you’ve just started your dog on medication, it may be the reason. speak to your vet
  • Food allergies are a common issue. It happens when you switch your dog’s food or if your pet doesn’t get the proper amount of nutrients
  • Bacterial or Fungal infection
  • Allergies to shampoo
  • Thyroid, liver, adrenal or kidney disease
  • Cancer
  • Immune Disease
  • Sunburn-shaved dogs are more at risk of developing this.

A healthy coat is typically evidence that your pet is healthy. However, when it begins to turn patch or itchy, there’s generally something else happening.

Sometimes, the best option is to change dog shampoo or food. Sometimes, you’ll require a visit to the vet. Prevention is better than cure.

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Tips For Shedding Season

It’s okay to shed. There’s nothing possible to do in order to stop shedding. That is something that you need to be able to accept. If you don’t think that shedding is something you’re prepared to handle, then a Rottweiler isn’t the ideal choice for you.

There are many ways to assist both you and your dog during the time of shedding and all throughout the year.

These suggestions can assist you in keeping your home less messy and help keep that pet dander and allergens out for the rest of the year.

What Should You Do About Shedding

The most effective and essential way to keep your dog clean is to brush your Rottweiler. If you notice that you have an especially shed-prone dog, you should brush it more often. Throughout the year, brush your dog every other week.

If your dog has such small fur, you will require a soft-bristled pet brush. It’ll work, I can assure you.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well a tiny brush works, and it will feel more comfy to your Rottie. Be sure to clean the brush with hair every time you continue to stroke.

If you’ve got a Rottweiler combination or more of a wavy coat, you could use pin brushes.

Be sure to brush all over and in the manner that the fur grows. Be cautious around the stomach and tush as those areas tend to be more prone to irritation.

A great tip is to brush outside. Ensure that the winds blow the hair away from your house if there is wind. Cleaning your Rottie outside will help keep the mess out, and you won’t need to clean as often.

If you plan to be brushing inside, clean up immediately. You could also lightly brush your dog using the vacuum in order to get rid of hairs that have fallen out.

Another thing that could be done is to wash your Rottie every 4 to 6 weeks. If you’re using quality shampoos and you are pumping it out, loose hairs will eventually become free.

A good bath is an excellent method to prevent your dog from shed. It’ll get rid of dirt and other things that can make your pet itchy. You can use a good conditioner too.

What to Avoid When Shedding

Don’t shave your Rottweiler. It might be tempting to trim the dog to eliminate shed hair. However, you could put your dog at too much risk.

If you trim the coat of a Rottweiler or any other dog with double coats, you lose two layers of safety. A shave Rottie doesn’t have protection from the sun, nor does it have any insulation in cold weather.

Overheating can occur due to the inability to control body temperature.

Shaving can cause your dog to be extremely uncomfortable and itchy.

Another thing you should ensure is that you don’t bathe your Rottie too frequently. A lot of bathing can dry out your dog’s skin and cause him or her to become itchy. Baths that are weekly or bi-weekly can be too frequent.

Shampoo strips the natural oils; therefore, applying it frequently is rough and makes the skin extremely dry. Make sure to bathe your dog every 4 to 6 weeks. If your dog is dirty, you can wash them off with a thorough wash. Try not to make it a routine.

One more thing! Do not buy the cheapest food available. Cheap food can frequently not contain the proper balance of nutrients and can make your pet sick. 

Take care to keep an eye on your Rotties health and specifically look for signs of allergies. Dogs with food allergies are more frequent than you think.

Other dogs who shed

Many other breeds shed lightly, but not excessively. They’re great pets; however, they may not be the most suitable for you.

If you’re not content with the chore of washing their hair on a regular basis or are concerned about allergies, here are some breeds you should try to avoid:

  • Golden Retriever – You can tell that it sheds a lot by touching any puppy. Some hybrid retriever breeds don’t shed much.
  • Akitas The Akitas are from a cold and mountainous area, and, as Huskies, they wear an extra thick coat to keep warm.
  • German Shepherd, They blow coat twice each year, similar to Husky, but they can shed all year long!
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgis, These small and friendly dogs are covered with an extra layer of coat which sheds all through the year.
  • Dalmatians Although Dalmatians have hair of a shorter length, They shed.
  • Belgian Sheepdogs — The hairy dogs shed lots of hair also. All four breeds.
  • Bernese Mountain DogsThe breed has adapted to life in the harsh mountains; these gorgeous creatures will surely shed their hair all over.
  • German Shorthair Pointer  The name may cause you to believe that these puppies don’t shed; however, they shed!
  • Chow Chow – Does it come as a shock that the dogs shed? They shed each day, and you should get a quality brush.
  • Alaskan Malamute– Like Huskies, these dogs were sled dogs; therefore, they wore large coats to keep warm in the winter months. They may be the breed of dog with the highest amount of shed.

Dogs who don’t shed a lot

We’ve already been discussing other breeds that shed, let’s take a look at breeds that don’t. One of these breeds may be more suitable for you!

Every dog sheds a bit; however, these are the ones you do not notice their shedding, and many people don’t have trouble keeping.

Here’s the list of dogs you should consider for an animal that sheds very little or none at all:

  • Dachshund
  • Shih Tzu
  • Italian Greyhound
  • Australian Terrier
  • Poodle
  • Whippet
  • Scottish Terrier
  • Labradoodle

It is important to know that these will be smaller, more of a lap dogs. They don’t resemble an actual Rottweiler in any way; however, they are still great pets, and the shedding might make all the difference for you.

Related Questions

Do Rottweilers shed often? 

Rottweilers shed moderately through the year and a lot in the fall and spring. This is due to having a skinny but short double coat. Brushing is the most effective method to aid in shedding.

What is the color coat the Rottweiler has? Rottweilers are typically black with rust, tan, or dark brown accents around the legs, stomach, rear, and areas on the face. Each dog is different; however, an emerald black and brown combo are the most popular.

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