Do Huskies like Cats? 7 tips to help Huskies to be comfortable with cats

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Do Huskies like Cats? Huskies are gorgeous dogs designed to run on the cold tundras of the north. They are beautiful with stunning furs, gorgeous blue eyes, and a large amount of energy. All dog lovers have a love for their dogs. But what about cat owners? If you own an animal and you want to get a Husky, can they be able to get with each other? I’ve researched this question and am pleased to say that I’ve found some answers for husky and cat lovers.

Are Huskies getting together with felines?

Do Huskies like Cats

Huskies are incredibly resilient and have predatory instincts, making it difficult to be a good companion for small animals like cats. Although the Husky raised around smaller dogs can be perfect, Huskies generally need training and attentive monitoring if they’re planning to live with cats.

If this has led you to think about whether you should get a gorgeous Husky companion for your kitten, don’t be concerned. There are many ways to help get cats and Huskies get used to one another. If you’re looking to know more, keep reading and learn why Huskies and other small animals are accustomed to one another.

Huskies: How to Make Them Like Cats

Can Husky Run Long distance?

Huskies can be described as pack animals and usually possess a highly intelligent and stubborn nature. They are also more predatory when they contact adorable animals such as squirrels, cats, hamsters, and bunnies. They’re great with all other breeds of dogs; however, what about cats?

It’s not natural, at the very least. It requires training and getting these two very different animals used to each other to make a dent in the Husky’s “I’m-bigger-and-badder” mentality.

Here are seven tips to help Huskies to be comfortable alongside cats.

  1. Start them off at a young age. You’ve heard the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” This is a bit true for Huskies. Although they generally have a good training experience, they require time to get used to cats and will only be successful when they’re introduced at a very young age. If you’re a cat lover considering buying the Siberian Husky, look at the possibility of getting puppies.
  2. Slowly, get your dog acquainted with a cat. Bringing home a baby Husky will be an exciting experience for all… aside from your pets living in the home, such as your cat. If your cat seems a little nervous, the reason is that your brand new Husky could be emitting a message that reads, “I’m gonna eat you, little kitty.” Begin by letting the cat and Husky interact for specific lengths of time. The first time, it’s for about five minutes with supervision, then about 10 minutes or so with more supervision, then on to the next. Giving them the time to unwind between them is essential.
  3. Get your Husky prior to the time. Huskies are known for their high energy levels. It’s due to their breeding to pull and run sleds and also remain warm in winter conditions. If your brand-new Husky is energetic and comes into contact with your cat even if you don’t intend to hurt it, it could hurt the cute furball. Go with your Husky for a stroll, let him play around the yard, play with his toys or let him do some other activity before letting them get a run.
  4. Separate them. It’s a bit simple, but many new Husky owners with cats believe that the more time they spend with each other, the more accustomed to each other. This isn’t the case at all. Every pet should have his or his own space for sleeping as well as a place for eating and different spots to go to the bathroom for cats or dogs. Because cats love large bubbles, as well, Huskys can be dogs, and they are territorial, so it’s the most effective.
  5. Make sure to keep the Husky healthy and well-fed. I’m sure you understand why. If your sweet Siberian Husky gets really hungry the next day, and your faithful cat is more sluggish and fat that day… the chances are the poor cat will be able to cross a line, and the Husky will be chasing it. Husky will be chasing the cat to eat dinner. Keep the animals fed. They are also hungry.
  6. Pay attention to both your cat as well as dogs. Cats like attention even if they don’t always behave as if they do. However, dogs do act like it. Huskies require a lot of attention and playtime. If you’re familiar with spending an hour or more every day with your kitten, you must plan to spend a minimum of that time in with your Husky. They’ll be jealous and territorial over playtime if your cat gets more.
  7. Always be on the lookout. While these tips are excellent ideas to give Huskies or cats to be friends but be cautious for a few minutes. Although your Husky may have grown older and your cat is accustomed to the large, cute blue-eyed dog who flies around the block, it’s recommended to keep an eye on your pet’s interactions. This is much easier when the dog is an outdoor dog and the cat is a domestic cat. However, overall, it’s a good idea to supervise your cat.

Huskies and Other Small Animals

Most of the time, you can expect Huskies having to wait a while to adjust to new pets. The animals they will certainly chase and even eat or play with include bunnies, cats, mice, hamsters, Chinchillas, guinea pigs, birds (if they’re not in their cages), and ferrets. Huskies are generally not fond of reptiles in any form; however, they aren’t likely to chase them.

Suppose you own an adorable bunny but are looking to get a Husky with a stunning coat to capture beautiful Instagram photos of the two together (because there’s no reason anyone wouldn’t participate in the event that they both owned them? ). In that case, There’s a good chance it will take some time to get the Husky to learn to love the bunny. Many of these animals become a bit tolerant of Huskies provided they’re allowed to interact with them gradually. This is how dogs operate, and we must be respectful of how they work.

Can Huskies and Cats Ever Actually Be Friends?

husky and cats

While it isn’t a must to expect this to happen immediately, Huskies and cats sometimes bond. It could be due to a particular characteristic of both the dog and the feline, which is more gentle than the other breeds; however, it’s likely.

One example is that a member from’s “Siberian Husky” group posted this comment to the discussion of cats as well as Huskies:

“…my Huskies must be completely different. My mother, who has two pups, began producing breast milk with our tiny Persian kitten for the first time. She was a lover of Bodhi (the feline) more than any other …”

Many other users agreed Huskies and cats can become BFFs.

In a different instance, ABC News found that an entire group (or groups) comprised of Huskies actually saved an animal and eventually adopted it into their group, considering it one belonging to them.

“The four pets eat together, drink from the same bowls, play together, go on walks together, and even nap together, Bui (the owner) said.”

These cute cases are a joy to behold; however, they’re not mostly the norm. But, with the right direction and lots of supervision, you can teach your Husky to love (or at the very least, tolerate) your cat.

Related Questions:

Do Huskies ever allergic to cats??

In rare instances, there are pet-to-pet allergies that can be present. However, this is something that needs to be evaluated by a vet. The signs of Husky allergies are sneezing, itching, swelling of specific areas of your face, and sometimes vomiting. If you suspect that the Husky may be allergic to your pet or, in reverse, consult a vet to determine the cause and ensure that both pets are tidy and separated during the interim.

Do Huskies and smaller breeds of dogs get along?

The majority of the time, Huskies will get along perfectly in a dog-friendly environment and be extremely excited and play rough. If you’re planning to adopt a puppy and then allow it into the home of an older Husky, you will be required to supervise them very closely and be cautious about their food bowls, sleeping areas, and bathroom spaces, which are similar to cats.

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