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15 Best House Dogs for Indoor Homebodies


If a debate about the most suitable indoor dogs arises(Best House Dogs), most people immediately imagine small dogs. This is true since the majority of toy breeds are designed to live in indoor environments. In reality, the one toy-sized dog…

Top 14 Dog Breeds With Big Eyes (with Pictures)

Dog Breeds With Big Eyes: There are many factors that make dogs adorable: their floppy ears and wrinkly face, their plush coats as well as long tails...we could continue to list them. However, let's face it: everyone talks of "puppy dog eyes" for reasons-their eyes are irresistible.

21 Indian Dog Breeds – The Complete Guide to All Indian Dogs

21 Indian Dog Breeds: As the second-largest nation, it's no wonder that India can be awash with interesting dog breeds, both native and exotic. In reality, the Asian country is believed to be home to more than 30 million stray dogs! In addition, the vast and distinct regions offer us an ideal breeding ground for exotic breeds to grow.