Are Rottweilers Good Service Dogs?

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Selecting the right service dog is crucial and specific for each individual. Based on the individual’s needs and situations, various breeds of dogs are more suitable than others. Rottweilers are a breed that is often neglected and misperceived for their role in the “service dogs” world.

Rottweilers are great service dogs due to their physical attributes and affectionate temperament. 

Rottweilers are smart, loyal, friendly, and strong build. They are also large and durable.

Because they are viewed as a “bully breed,” Rottweilers tend to be put on the back burner when it comes to the role of a service dog. However, this description doesn’t reflect the most significant aspects of the dog.

Rottweilers are used as service dogs

The term “service dog” refers to a Service canine, a pet that will accompany its owner to locations regularly or whenever required. They can assist with physical or emotional requirements. They can help with day-to-day activities and be seen as a companion to their owners.

Rottweilers have physical and emotional traits that allow them to be classified as excellent service dogs.

They are, first of all, large dogs. Their size can help people who struggle with balance or stability. While walking with the people, they serve their robust structure proves more beneficial than dogs that are smaller in size.

They also have the ability to perform tasks like turning off the lights by pressing buttons or closing and opening doors because of their size.

Rottweilers are also clever dogs. If they are told to perform a task, they will follow the instructions if they’ve been trained correctly and are obedient. They’ll give objects to people or inform others when they are in need of help or in danger.

At first, Rottweilers were bred to serve as guard dogs. Because of this, they are exceptionally reliable. They stick to the ones they trust and defend their owners if they are in danger.

This is especially helpful for people over the age of 50 who are living on their own and in need of an animal to look after them.

Although most of the public view them as being part of those considered “bully breeds,” the rottweilers have a reputation for welcoming dog breeds. 

They exhibit the kind of affection and love people are looking for. They are incredibly affectionate and exceptionally well around children. 

Because of this, they make excellent service dogs for children.

Rottweilers would be great emotional support dogs because they’re always willing to snuggle and lay with you. They can tell when you are feeling down or emotional and will not leave your side.”

These basic yet powerful arguments highlight only a few reasons that rottweilers can be excellent service dogs.

They can be used for a wide range of needs and ages. This makes them a complete dog suited to the task, and other dog breeds may only be suited to only one or two of the requirements that many seek.

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Rottweilers serve as service dogs throughout history.

As mentioned earlier in this article, rottweilers were initially developed to serve as security dogs. They protected the property, cash, and other objects required to be monitored. Most often, they were employed within the military.

With time they began working as therapy dogs, in addition to their guard training and breeding. In the American Rottweiler Club in 2015, Rottweilers were named the winners of their AKC ACE therapy awards.

Are Rottweilers good service dogs for anxiety?

Service dogs, as well as therapy dogs, are distinct. But they perform many of the same activities, and the mission they’re attempting to fulfill is helping people be calm, relaxed, and make people happy.

The main difference between them is that the service dog is usually given to a particular individual and can perform specific tasks and offer assistance to the person.

They are specially trained to address the specific needs of the owner. 

Therapy dogs are called in situations or events where their services might be required; It could be for large-scale events such as schools, counseling centers, or even in the aftermath of a recent tragic incident.

Since rottweilers are already major players in the therapy field, integrating them into the group of service dogs is logical and could be beneficial to many people.

Rottweiler service dog training

Training Rottweilers

Like everything else in life, when you are taught something incorrectly, it is likewise learned incorrectly. It is crucial to teach rottweilers how to do the tasks that they have to.

Referencing the term “bully breed,” the majority of people have a sense of rottweilers based on their stories of them threatening individuals or acting out of hand.

This result is directly from poor training provided by the dog’s owner. The dog is not to be blamed for this because if they were properly trained, these incidents would be prevented.

Since they are affectionate to their owners, it is important to make them comfortable with people and other dogs. 

Socialization, which involves introducing dogs to different environments, is crucial to helping rottweilers develop into great assistance dogs.

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs that meet a range of needs, but it’s still essential to train them to perform the task they are expected to perform.

Training for an assistance dog typically takes between 1-2 years due to the job’s importance. However, effective training can bring excellent outcomes. It’s certainly worth it.


The advantages I’ve mentioned about rottweilers should be considered when selecting the right service dog. But, many of these strengths could also be regarded as a disadvantage if proper training isn’t done.

The dimensions of this dog can be a danger for weak people. It can be a tense situation when the dog gets overly excited and jumps over the owner.

This can be prevented by teaching the dog that this isn’t a good idea and that they must remain calm around other dogs. This is easier said than done with an extremely energetic dog.

Although loyalty is an excellent quality, if a rottweiler dog becomes overprotective, this can cause them to react violently when something is suspicious. It’s not an inherent characteristic. Therefore the dog isn’t going to do it randomly. This could be the result of inadequate training on the part of the trainers or owners. 

Rottweilers are excellent service dogs, and they are able to outdo any expectations that can be set for the role of a service dog.

However, if they’re not fully trained, it could cause an issue that could lead to false stereotypes. Consistent, quality training is the most crucial thing when it comes to training a service dog.   

I hope this gave better understanding about Rottweilers a Good Service Dogs and we will like to hear you opinion about this topic please share with us in the comment

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