15 Big White Dogs You Can’t Help But Love

April 30, 2022

Large dogs are generally attractive, especially huge white fluffy breeds of dogs. If you add a big white furry pet to your house, you’ll certainly be noticed when walking through your neighborhood or playing in the park.

However, there are plenty of breeds of large white dogs, and deciding on the most suitable option for you and your family could be a challenge. We’ll assist you in your decision by defining 15 of the most popular large white dog.

Read the articles carefully, and then try to choose one that fits your needs and lifestyle. 

Before diving into the list, we need to look at some of the factors considered during the selection process. Although we looked at a range of variables but the three following were the most significant:

#1. They Must Be Big

Naturally, we decided to concentrate on large dog breeds. We usually look at “large” and “big” dogs weighing between 50 to 90 pounds, but we usually sneak smaller or bigger breeds in whenever appropriate.

We have added some stunning large white fluffy dogs which fall in the “giant” category (meaning that they weigh over 90 pounds).

#2. They Must Be Mostly White

We’ve tried to narrow down breeds that convey an overall impression of a large white dog. We won’t restrict the list to the species that appear 100% white. Certain breeds might also model stripes, patches, or washes in other colors.

#3. The List Should Include Dog Breeds with various personalities

We wanted to ensure that the list we chose included white dogs with different personalities, abilities, and peculiarities. Different families require different things from their dogs, so we wanted to have everything for all.

In this listing, you’ll find something for everyone -such as the aloof and independent breeds, livestock guarding breeds, energetic goofballs, and family-friendly guard dogs.

The 15 Big White Dogs

Based on the criteria mentioned above, the 15 top white dog breeds are the most attractive available dogs. Make sure you consider your family’s requirements, lifestyle, and preferences when selecting.

1. Samoyed


According to large dog standards, Samoyeds are comparatively small since the majority weigh around 45-60 pounds. However, they may reach up to 2 feet high at the shoulder, sport long, fluffy coats, and give off a white dog-like look.

Samoyeds are very well-rounded dogs. They have been employed to herd, hunt game, and drag massive loads across snow-covered landscapes.

Originating from Siberia, Samoyeds are at their home in cold climates because of their long, extremely dense white fur coats.

Unfortunately, they shed heavily and leave everything you own covered with white fur. Regular grooming is essential to ensure that their coats are healthy and look great.

Samoyeds are affectionate, fun, and intelligent; however, they’re sometimes a challenge for new owners. They can also be difficult to train. For instance, they’re known for flying at the birds, squirrels, and other animals at full-on speed.

2. The Great Pyrenees

Great Pyrenees

The white dog is perhaps the biggest that we have listed (in regards to the medium-sized dogs, the Great Danes are bigger and taller than the Great Pyrenees). The Great Pyrenees are huge dogs with shaggy, long coats that make them appear bigger than they really are. The dogs look rather threatening to predators like wolves and other animals. This help threatens predators, so with that, they’re usually charged with safeguarding.

The Pyrenees are pretty independent breeds because these massive white dogs were frequently kept outside to take care of livestock. They are still great pets for families who have the room these dogs need. However, they’re not as clingy as some other breeds.

 Since these huge white dogs were usually kept in the open with their fawns, Pyrenees are pretty independent breeds. They are still great pet for families who have the space they require however, they’re not so affluent as other breeds. They’ll shy away from their homes when the desire strikes them.

The Great Pyrenees are furry white breeds that shed heavily. They aren’t the best choice for people who want a clean and tidy house. It can also be challenging training them, making them relatively not the best choice for new pet owners.

3. Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is the oldest dog breed in the world; the Afghan dog was first conceived in the hot deserts and cold mountains of Afghanistan and was assigned to hunt huge prey (including leopards and other formidable prey). They are naturally born runners that can run at very high speed for long distances.

However, despite the intense work they were developed to perform, Afghans make great pets for certain people. They’re extremely loved and affectionate with their owners, and they possess a hilarious and absurd manner that will make you smile and laugh.

Afghans are available in a range of patterns and colors; however, most are white. Naturally, the primary thing people will notice about Afghan dogs is their long silky coats. These slender and slim dogs can be 28 inches tall; however, they typically weigh less than 60 pounds.

4. Clumber Spaniel

A jolly and relaxed dog, the Clumber Spaniel’s sociable personality belies the ability and determination he displays when it comes to working. Primarily bred as bird-retrieving dogs, Clumber Spaniels aren’t known for their frantic pursuit of birds that have been shot down the way Labrador retrievers and German shorthaired pointers do. Instead, they walk an even, steady pace that helps them stay calm throughout long hunts.

Clumber Spaniels are big by the standards of bird dogs and often weigh more than 85 pounds. Their coats are typically white with brown, orange, or yellow marks – typically on the tail or head. Clumber Spaniels also have large heads and bodies. Seem a little long for their body.

Their thick coats are known to shed a lot, which is why you’ll have to groom your Clumber Spaniel every week to ensure that you don’t get caught in the swathe of dogs’ hairs. They are, however, excellent pets in all other aspects. They’re quite agile, and many owners can train them easily. They’re able to maintain very moderate energy levels and require no exercise.

5. Kuvasz

Kuvasz dog
Big White Dogs

The Kuvasz is a different breed of flock guards which comes from the fields and farms of Hungary. The Kuvasz is tasked with protecting livestock and sheep from predators that could be dangerous The Kuvasz (plural: Kuvaszok) is strong, independent, and quick to respond.

Kuvaszok can weigh up to 110 pounds and typically wear lengthy, white fur, which aids farmers in identifying them from wolves with a glance.

The Kuvasz isn’t an excellent choice for people living in apartments or those unable to give the dog plenty of exercises. They’ve been known for running for 15 miles whenever needed and can become very destructive and miserable when forced to live in a small house.

In addition, although they’re very clever, Kuvaszok are often very difficult to train, particularly for owners who are not experienced. They tend to be affectionate, loyal, and loving to their family members; however, they consider strangers – even children, suspicious.

6. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentinos (also known as Argentinian mastiffs, as they are commonly referred to) are bold and large dogs that are tough and fearless when faced with danger but also caring and affectionate with their family.

The average dog is 24 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weighs between 80 and 100 pounds; these huge white dogs were first developed for hunting wild boars and other dangerous prey.

Dogo Argentinos aren’t an ideal choice for children. They require a strong but loving leader who can maintain discipline but still leave plenty of time for enjoyment and games. They also need plenty of interaction when they’re young in order to stop them from becoming aggressive with people who visit.

The majority of them are white, though some might be dark-colored with facial markings. They don’t shed a lot, and their short length can help reduce issues even more. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for pet owners looking for an enormous fluffy white pet that won’t need much grooming or upkeep.

7. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky
Big White Dogs

Most huskies have dark fur; however certain breeders have pure white Siberian Husky. 

When this thick, long white fur is mixed with the blue eyes that ice-blue Huskies have, The results are excellent.

Huskies are comparatively small according to the standards of big dogs. Some do not even reach 40 pounds, and the largest are barely 2 feet tall.

 However, their thick fur and unending energy make them appear larger than they actually are.

While they are among the most popular breeds, Siberian Huskies have a few problems for pet owners. In particular, their energy levels and fitness requirements are way above the norm.

Huskies can jump, run and play for hours, andg it’s very hard to exhaust them. You can leave a husky around in a small house for the entire day and will return when your house is smashed upon your return.

Huskies are notorious for their shedding, So those suffering from allergies and those who love neatness should select among the large white dog breeds mentioned above. If you can provide your pet with ample exercise and don’t mind living in a fur-shaded home, Huskies are charming, affectionate, and fun pet owners.

8. Tatra

Also Known as the Polish Tatra Sheepdog, or another variation on this subject, the Tatra is a huge white furry dog that sometimes stands up to 28 inches on the shoulder.

The dogs weigh around 130 pounds. However, most are between 100 pounds. This puts Tatra in the huge white-dog category.

When they are with their family members, Tatras are gentle and affectionate pets that are great with children. But, they’re completely different when they are patrolling their territory, especially at night.

They’ll firmly fight any perceived threat. They’re usually quite loud, which could create problems for neighbors.

Tatras are incredibly soft dogs, modeling a thick double coat that keeps them warm and secures their flocks. The undercoat is exceptionally soft and dense; however the outer layer may feel rigid in certain breeds.

They’re pretty heavy shedders similar to most of the other fluffy white dogs we’ve included, So you’ll need to clean them regularly to get rid of shed hairs before they fall.

9. East Siberian Laika

A relatively unnoticed breed in the USA, The East Siberian Laika is essentially a husky-like breed that weighs at least 50 pounds and measures just a bit shy of 2 feet on the hip. They appear to have more bone than huskies, but they’re not quite as lightweight on their feet.

East Siberian Laikas also perform superbly in guarding settings. They’re extremely courageous when faced with danger and will not hesitate to fight bears, wolves, or any other predators of large size. In the past, they were used for hunting and sledding. But, they’re generally comfortable with their surroundings and are very supportive of their family members.

East Siberian Laikas come in various patterns and colors. Some are completely white-coated. These dogs have medium-long hair that sheds frequently and is not ideal for those suffering from allergies.

They need lots of exercise and a few sturdy pet toys that keep their minds active. They may be prone to developing problematic behavior, including obsessive chewing or destructive chewing.

10. Poodle

Perhaps the best big white fluffy dog. An ordinary poodle is a wonderful pet for families. They’re high-maintenance pets and require regular grooming, yet they provide much value in return.

Poodles are gentle, intelligent, and well-behaved dogs and are frequently used in therapeutic settings. Also, if you believe in them, they are very protective and are pretty good guard dogs.

The iconic white furry coats (available in white and various colors) shed only a little and are frequently described as “hypoallergenic.”

While all dogs shed, there is no way to tell if a dog is completely hypoallergenic Poodles appear to be excellent breeds for people with allergies. They’ve even had crosses with various breeds (such as Labrador retrievers and Cocker Spaniels) because of their allergic-friendly fur.

We’re huge dog lovers. Poodles are available in three sizes (standard, toy, and miniature). Standard poodles are quite large white dogs that typically weigh between 50 to 75 pounds, and the largest ones measure between 20 and 21 inches tall at their shoulder. we’ll leave the two small varieties for others to cover.

11. Bull Terrier

Bull terriers are intelligent, friendly, and active canines, which are available in various designs and colors, including all-white (with and without the other color). Many spot adorable facial masks or eye patches; however, all-white bull terriers are not unusual.

Bull terriers instantly stand out due to their distinctively shapely heads. They are frequently described as egg-shaped.

Bull terriers tend to be extremely affectionate with humans, but they are temperamentally tense with other dogs because they were bred as fighting dogs. Bull terriers are extremely attached to their companions and do not allow boredom to be a problem. Many exhibit chewing issues when they are not trained and stimulated.

Bull terriers can weigh between 40 and 70 pounds; as a result, they are best suited to large, active families who wish to include their pet as a member of the family in all activities and plans.

12. Komondor

Komondor is among the most distinctive breeds of the world because of its long, white coat with a corded hem that allows it to blend into the flock of sheep it’s often required to protect.

Although Komondors have many traits that other breeds of flock guarding exhibit, such as bravery, determination, and intelligence, They are more suited for family life in many ways.

They’re very affectionate and guard their owners. They’re also less energetic and require less exercise than other flock guards breeds do. They’ll still need regular walks and playing time; However, they’ll fit into your home more easily than Great Pyrenees or Kuvaszok.

They are, however, protectors at heart and will not shy away from protecting their family members against perceived dangers. This includes visitors, neighbors, or technicians.

Therefore, it is crucial to interact with Komondors extensively during their puppyhood to establish a strong notion of hierarchy by placing yourself on the highest level of the hierarchy.

13. Ukrainian Shepherd Dog

Also known as the South Russian Ovtcharka, the Ukrainian shepherd dog, is a unique animal among the most terrifying white breeds of dogs on our list. They’re not just beautiful dogs that often cross the 100-pound mark, and can be more than 2 feet tall at the shoulder, but they’re extremely courageous dogs that will not hesitate to stand up and adopt an authoritative position.

Ukrainian shepherd dogs can be described as gentle canines initially designed to guard flocks. Their long white coats are an excellent shield against the elements and aren’t as shedding as you’d think. They don’t need much attention and enjoy having an expansive space to explore, watch and guard.

It is an all-white furry breed suitable for owners with experience who know how to keep an uncompromising discipline and hold an undisputed position when faced with a dog that will try to claim its dominance when allowed to do it. Socialization of the puppy is essential for any breed that is intended to be kept like a pet.

14. Slovensky Cuvac

Big White Dogs

At 2 feet tall and weighing approximately 100 pounds (females typically weigh a bit less), The Slovensky Cuvac is a different breed of flock-guarding with a soft white coat.

The dogs are energetic, a bit puppy-like, and, according to the AKC, “lively,” these are energetic dogs who require plenty of exercise and large yards to explore.

Slovensky Cuvacs do not require a lot of grooming (although it’s recommended to get them professionally groomed every spring). They shed a lot, as are many of the long-haired breeds we’ve included on our list. But, their long fur helps them when they have to sleep outside in colder climates, for instance, their place of birth which is the Slovakian Mountains.

Slovensky Cuvacs are extremely brave and protective. They’ve been known to take on bears and wolves, and coyotes with no sign of fear. They’re not lap dogs and will not follow you around like shadows. However, they do have a strong bond with their family members. The combination of courage and loyalty makes them excellent guard dogs.

15. Maremma Sheepdog

It is believed that the Maremma Sheepdog is a large breed of flock-guarding that originates from Italy. They’re remarkably similar to many other breeds of flock-guarding in that they’re intelligent, independent, and confident dogs who love to protect large areas. They’re often a good option for families who are away from their homes for lengthy durations, provided they have a large area to secure.

But, Maremma sheepdogs do exhibit certain differences from other breeds of sheepdogs. One of the most noticeable is their love for people. They’re not as puppy-dog-like as a Doberman or Chihuahua; however, they enjoy being with their family members. Most often, they’ll lean against one or several family members, and it’s apparent that physical contact is what soothes them.

Maremma sheepdogs are very smart; however, new pet owners often cannot train them. They are, however, an excellent, low-maintenance partner when you have space. They’re generally more focused on what they want to do instead of adhering to your commands.

Special Considerations for Large White Dog Breeds

The color of the coat may appear to be an insignificant aspect of dogs; however, it creates a lot of distinct differences for owners. This is particularly true for white dogs.

We’ll discuss a few of the most important aspects to think about when selecting a large fluffy white dog breed for your family.

#1. Fluffy White Coats Vs. Smooth White Coats

Coat length is among the most important factors to consider when looking for a white-furred dog. The dogs with longer hair tend to shed more often than those with shorter coats. The owners who suffer from allergies or want an extremely tidy living space are likely to choose the small-sized dog breed with shorter hair.

Large breeds of long-haired dogs require regular grooming, which is more frequent than breeds with shorter hair. Sometimes, daily brushing can suffice for some; however, others of the large white breeds of dogs will require a full grooming every month.

You can learn how to groom your dog on your own However, many pet owners choose to hire a professional to take care of these tasks. In any situation, fluffy white dogs will require additional time or funds to ensure their coats look nice.

#2. White Dogs (Particularly White Fluffy Dog Breeds) Look Bigger Than They Are

White reflects more light than other colors. This means that white fur could make dogs appear larger than dark furs typically tend to. Sometimes, this can be an excellent thing. However, it’s not always the case.

If, for instance, you are looking for a large dog that will safeguard your family and home, white fur will exaggerate your dog’s size.

However, If you’re an avid dog owner trying to play with dimensions or keep within the threshold set by your landlord for pet size, a white dog could be the wrong option.

If you’re looking for a different breed, it’s best to find dark-colored dogs, whose hue makes them appear smaller.

#3. Dirt and Stains: The Bane of the Big White Dog

As with other light-colored or white fibers, the hair of white dogs can get stained quite quickly.

Therefore, selecting grooming products (such as shampoos) with care is essential. It is also necessary to stay clear of cheaply-made leashes and harnesses as the color could spill onto your dog’s fur if these items get wet.

Dirt can cause problems for white-coated dogs, particularly the fur around their paws and sides, which are the areas where they are most frequently in contact with the ground.

There’s nothing you can do about this for dogs that are outdoors for long periods. However, you might be able to take the time to bathe pets who are indoors more often than normal to keep them looking great.

Do you have a huge White fluffy pet? We’d like to know all about your dog. Tell us what breed you’ve chosen and what you love about him, as well as some of the common problems he faces.

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