10 Dogs with the Strongest Bite (Measured by PSI Bite Force)

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Dogs with the Strongest Bite: Dogs have been helping humans for a long time. They are loyal and loving animals that continue to fulfill their function as the most popular pet around the globe. They are very friendly and protective in nature, making them among the top pets even in modern-day homes.

Although the majority of dogs are gentle and tranquil, they are prone to violent behavior when they need to. Even the slightest irritant can unleash the beast inside them.

Their ability to give a powerful bite can strengthen their defensive behavior. Different breeds of dogs possess different degrees of force.

The bite strength overall is contingent on the breed of the dog. The majority of guard dog breeds have strong jaws, which enable them to give a powerful defense against intrusion.

However, certain breeds have stronger jaws, which means that they can hold down with a huge bite force. A pet’s jaw’s strength can be determined as PSI (pound per square inch).

Below are 10 breeds of dogs with the best bite.

Dog Breeds With the Strongest Bite

1. Malinois

A Belgian Malinois is an incredibly brave attentive, sensitive, and trustworthy dog that is believed to be the smaller version of the German Shepherd. The dogs are also playful and smart. Their muscular physique and jaws with a strong structure make them stand out over other breeds.

The force of a bite for an adult Malinois could reach the level of 195 psi. Because of their jaw strength, these gorgeous creatures are able to serve as the perfect guard dog. They are at protecting their family members and the humans they love.

They are sensitive to smells, which makes them the perfect choice for law enforcement agencies. They are also assigned as sniffer dogs at airports. Additionally, they are also easy to train due to their intelligence levels.

Malinois Bite Force The force is 195 PSI (pressure per square inch)

      2. Chow Chow

Chow Chow

These soft and fluffy dogs do not appear intimidating at first glance, but they were used for centuries to herd animals. The breed of dog is derived from Mongolia in Mongolia, where they were created and bred for over 4000 years. Then, China adopted this breed and introduced them to the people of the world.

A Chow’s bite force the Chow Chow is 220 psi. This is not an awful amount for a cute dog. But the breed is difficult to train and requires regular grooming because of its large fur.

Chow Chow Bite Force: 220 PSI

   3. Dutch Shepherd

 Dogs with the Strongest Bite

The breed was developed in the Netherlands. The hard-working and active dog breed was named Shepherd because of its constant interaction with livestock and farmers. Dutch Shepherd is able to adjust to every weather. They are friendly, loyal, and sturdy dogs capable of striking with an impact of 224 pounds.

Dutch Shepherd Bite Force: 224 PSI

    4. American Pitbull

American Pitbull

Medium-sized dogs are among the strongest and most muscular dog breeds that have been developed in America. They possess a strong body that requires regular workouts to maintain their health. They tend to be peaceful. However, they can become extremely destructive when they are not doing any type of activity.

Their jaws can produce a force of 235 psi. This makes them an excellent competitor to other heavy-hitters. American Pitbulls are strong, playful, loving, and affectionate puppies with a lot of energy within them. In addition to their legs, they are sturdy as well. Be cautious when you take your Pitbull out for a stroll.

American Pitbull Bite Force: 235 PSI

   5. German Shepherd

German Shepherd Chihuahua mix

For a long time, German Shepherds were used for guarding. It is among the most well-known breeds of dogs and is recognized for its power, agility, and smell sensitivity. Their presence is a sign of strength and determination. The dogs were originally employed to take care of cows and sheep.

These dogs easily adapt to any type of setting. The German Shepherd is smart, affectionate, and can also be fun. Additionally, their jaws can be snared with huge force.

German Shepherd Bite Force: 238 PSI

    6. Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu

Tosa Inu is one of the rarest species in the world of Japanese dogs. Tosa Inu is the largest Japanese breed that can live for up to 12 years old. The rate of growth for Tosa Inu is comparatively slow, and they achieve their full maturity in four years. They can also be messy as they constantly shed their hair as they move into the house.

Although this breed is known for being a sweet and sensitive pet, it could sometimes become aggressive. This is why it’s not recommended for novice pet owners. The presence of Tosa Inus is even regulated in the UK as per the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. In addition, the breed is not permitted in certain countries, such as New Zealand and Australia.

Tosa Inu’s bite strength Tosa Inu has been measured at 238 PSI, which is at the same level as its impressive appearance. To ensure safety, it’s important to keep them at a safe distance from other breeds since they never miss an opportunity to challenge the authority of breeds.

Tosa Inu Bite Force: 238 PSI

    7. American Bull Dog

Scariest Dog Breeds American Pit Bull Terrier

American Bull Dogs are famous for their strength and power due to their imposing and strong physique. Their large head and strong body make a striking impression. They can take on their adversaries with a ferocious force.

A bite force for an American Bulldog is 305 psi. Apart from having this huge bite force, the canines are fun and hilarious. They can also change into a defensive mode in a matter of seconds.

American Bull Dog Bite Force: 305 PSI

     8. Rottweiler

Rottweilers Training

A Rottweiler isn’t a suitable breed for weak-hearted individuals. Notably, male dogs are quite aggressive. They can be victims of one of the most powerful dog bites with force reaching 328 PSI. Therefore, prior to thinking about keeping the dog as a pet, ensure you are aware of this factor.

The Rottweiler is among the oldest breeds with a genetic connection to the most current breeds of dogs. This indicates that these dogs are a huge part of their historical history. They were with the Romans when they migrated toward Germany.

While it is true that a Rottweiler could be a bit controversial and have negative reviews, but they’re an intelligent pet. Because of their intelligence, ability to learn, and gentle behavior, they can be ideal dogs for family life. But, due to their nature, this breed needs to be socialized regularly.

Additionally that, in addition, the Rottweiler breed is also susceptible to a myriad of health problems, from cardiovascular disease, blood disorders, and even such as Von Willebrand’s Disease. These ailments can cut down the lifespan of the Rottweiler by 8 to 10 years.

Rottweiler Bite Force: 328 PSI

    9. Cane Corso

Cane Corso

Italy is the country where this breed was established and developed. This breed of Cane Corso has an impressive, strong character with looks intimidating even in their early years.

The name derives from the word “Corso,” a Latin word meaning ‘protector. It is true to a large extent since a Cane Corso has demonstrated its power as a natural protector.

The breed naturally has the ability to ward off intruders and provides the necessary security to their loved family members. Their legs are strong enough to run for extended periods of time, and their hearing is also impressive. They can be a great pet and perfect for a new addition to the family.

This Cane Corso breed is highly energetic and smart. This means that you need to give them sufficient time to exercise at least once per day. Their jaws are powerful enough to generate 700 PSI making them one of the most powerful bites ever recorded by dogs. They’re playful and affectionate with children.

However, the bosses must be aware when they train their employees. It is essential to remain constant and establish your status as an employee from the beginning first.

Cane Corso Bite Force: 700 PSI

        10. Kangal

Kangal dog is a breed of dog. Kangal canine was first bred in Sivas city, located in Turkey. It is the most powerful breed of dog in the world. According to certain estimates, the Kangal is one of the strongest dog bites among all dog breeds, at 743 psi. They’re well-suited to protect livestock, including sheep, from predators such as wolves and jackals.

The dogs were carefully bred over many several centuries within the borders of Turkey. The livestock and farmers employed this breed to serve to guard sheep. These dogs are gentle in nature and can easily adjust to various situations.

Training these dogs is entertaining since they swiftly master whatever you wish to instruct them. They also are known to be faithful and tough when required.

The Kangals are exceptional dogs that are calm and calm when with family and children. The breed is also able to behave very well in a family setting. In short, the Kangals are loving pets that remain committed to their owners all through their lives.

Kangal Dog Bite Force: 743 PSI

Summing Up the Strongest Bite Force Dogs

The breeds mentioned above are among the best biting dogs you can find. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to keep your pet as a companion. Dogs are wonderful and have been faithful human companions for ages. They are athletically gifted and are great companions.

If you want to keep any dog as a pet, make certain to research their habits and behavior. Even after having been raised in a family setting for centuries, they could be prone to acting aggressively to protect themselves and their families.

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